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Human Design is a system of self-discovery for us to experiment with and make major shifts in our consciousness. 

Based on your birth date, time and location, it’s a mash up of astrology, quantum physics, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakra system. Human Design is about differentiation - what makes you, your gifts, and your energy different from others. And it helps you to see, know, and love yourself.

Put the experiment of

Human Design into action

See your strengths

get into alignment

manage your energy

become more confident

heal from (& prevent) Burnout

Understand your gifts, 
magic, & strengths

and so much more...

We get one chance 
at this life

To become ambassadors of self expression, love and understanding. And I truly believe that knowing yourself intimately and operating from a place of acceptance is the biggest step in making global impact. 

You are made to be stretched, aligned and expanded. You are designed to live this life.


A 4-month Human Design course designed for the spiritually curious in a way that actually makes sense. 

Easy to understand, Empowering, & Enlightening

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hi gorgeous, i'm katie!

Human Design Advisor, Success Coach, 2/4 Emotional Manifestor

…is what I used to say when people asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to contribute to the world, but I didn’t know how. I was obsessed with self-discovery, trying to figure out what my passion was - why am I here?

Enter: Human Design. As soon as it was introduced to me, I was hooked. I spent months researching on my own, and keeping this tool to myself - thinking it would be too weird, too woo-woo to share with those I loved or in my business. 

I began to openly share the work I was doing – chart after chart, reading after reading, clients would tell me how accurate it was. How true this all felt. How it was a relief for them, to see who they were designed to be and gave them freedom to be more of themselves. 

“I just wanted to 
help people.”

Ready to become 
the full expression
of yourself?

are you ready?
are you ready?

Steff Sullivan

3/5 manifestor

My experience in HD School has been incredible! Katie’s information, as always, is so easily digestible. She uses great analogies that can be easily understood and applied to real life situations. She makes learning a fairly complicated system interesting by breaking it down into small parts while still ensuring she reminds us often that all of the parts connect to others and that Human Design should be viewed as a large system. The FB group helps us see others charts, hear their experiences with their design and connect with others as we work through the material. Feedback throughout the course given to Katie is promptly taken into consideration and Katie is constantly striving to make this course exactly what the students need. It’s clear that Katie is extremely passionate about Human Design and I am so grateful and excited to continue my learning journey with her by my side.

Caroline L.

1/3 Projector

The content is FULL ON, so much to learn and dive into, she goes really deep but in a super accessible, structured, effective way ( - and in small (enough) portions ;) ). It is really a game changer to have it so clearly displayed for when you have a doubt on your chart, you can go straight to the answer you need. GOLD. I feel it’s so generous on her part that she kept on adding new modules that were not specifically in the plan, just cause she saw a need there for us. I love Katie for her commitment to our learning, she is so open, straightforward, makes the content really easy to digest and assimilate without losing you on the way. I had the fun experience to get a free reading as an early bird - and that was incredible. She is such a powerhouse empowering others. Her fire is so contagious, we should all have a little Katie in our pockets at all times.

Three years ago I heard a beloved coach say she was a “Manifesting Generator” unleashing my obsession with Human Design and leading me to Katie Irvine. Katie is an “Emotional Manifestor” just like me and was born to teach and decode this complex body of work. She knows her stuff, breaks it down in a way that is easily understood (using humor and stories) to simplify a complicated, yet life changing body of work to her community.

The arsenal of materials in this course is a GOLDMINE not to mention the plethora of live calls Katie facilitates to ground our learning and create a community of HD lovers. The content is top-notch & if you LOVE Human Design as much as I do it is an investment that will serve you through your entire life.

Jaclyn Bradley

1/3 Manifestor

HD School is gold. Katie's approach to teaching allowed me to digest HD content in a way that has never resonated so easily. And that's not because she skims the surface: THE GIRL GOES DEEP and brings concepts and approaches that I'd never stumbled upon despite being actively interested in the topic for about two years before enrolling. It's the perfect mix of "real talk" and magic, keeping you dialed in and absorbing AND excited. The course format helps you build knowledge in a natural way, but not without really ensuring you're GETTING IT before proceeding, and that has been a missing piece to my previously band-aided attempt to educate myself. Thank you, Katie!

Katherine Gramann

1/4 Manifesting Generator

I absolutely love HD School by Katie. When I found her on Instagram, it was an instant pull to be lead by her. I loved the impact she creates. I love the way she communicates and explains all the concepts related to Human Design. She is fun and accessible to understand. But she also has so much knowledge and wisdom. Her teachings are always so clear, on point and precise. It was one of the best investment I have done in my life. So extremely recommended.

Sofia Mellano

2/4 Reflector

I loved HD school and Katie's teaching. It wasn't the first program I did, but certainly the most complete and bingeable. The way it is segmented is digestible and easier to process. 

I would recommend 110% this program for the DEPTH of the content and on the other hand it's super accessible. Perfect for the ones out there that want to know alllll the things!

Andy Benoit

2/4 Projector

HD School is a fun and easy way to learn the complex system of Human Design, and that’s why I love it so much! Something I especially value as a Mani Gen, is how you can go through the lessons at your own pace and order. I went through the course watching whatever sparked my interest at that time, which made it so much easier for me to learn and retain the information. I learned a lot from watching the Chart Reading Synthesis Sessions, which are live demonstrations of readings for HD School Members. The Q&A sessions are also super fun and helpful, and Katie will answer anything HD related in an easy-to-understand and loving way. For anyone curious about Human Design who finds the system overwhelming, I cannot recommend HD School and Katie enough!


3/5 Manifesting generator

I had already been training with a previous HD teacher, but was looking for a school that provided easy to consume audio as well as written resources, in a very organised and functional manner and HD School gave me just that. HD school is like my HD bible which I consult nearly everyday. Not only learning more about myself, which is non-stop, but also my clients or people close to me. Getting your questions answered by Katie herself during her Q & A time is such a valuable source of direct information from Katie herself. I'm very happy with the level of information provided, and how you have choices between audio and pdf’s

Amy Yee Chong

3/5 Projector

Katie has truly created something special with HD School. She brings the full light of her design to the program. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very practical. I have found every experience with her to be truly empowering and enlightening. I am so glad I signed up for HD school, I have learned SO SO SO much from Katie and the community and I look forward to continuing to grow within the community.

Nicole Horger

1/3 Projector

I loved my experience in HD School! Katie makes human design approachable and easy to understand. It's a complicated topic and she has a gift for breaking it down into manageable chunks that just make sense. She's also incredibly skilled at making human design fun and bringing real life examples into her teaching to make the concepts come alive. Katie is also very generous with her time and there is a ton of support in HD school so that you can learn the concepts AND learn how to use them in your life and in the readings you offer. Most importantly, Katie is kind, funny, engaging, and really cares about her students. I highly recommend joining! It's a one stop shop for all things human design. 


6/2 Projector

What is more overwhelming than the Internet? Trying to learn about Human Design from the Internet. That’s why I am SO grateful I followed a Ping (or my Sacral Pull ) to sign up for Katie’s HD School. Truly and honestly, it was the best decision I’ve made.

She shares the information in a very clear, well understood way. You have the ability to go at your own pace, and the content itself is INCREDIBLY organized. She is also sooo supportive. Providing monthly calls, free masterclass workshops, always answering questions you may have, and even sharing tips on how she organizes her readings, she’s truly the best teacher to learn from!


3/5 Generator

HD School gave me everything I needed to truly understand my design and the designs of others. I love it as a constant companion that I return to time and again to soak up its genius. Katie knows just how to break down this complex system into digestible pieces, she gives examples that resonate, and the live Q&A sessions are some of my favorite times of the month. I highly recommend the investment if you want to understand HD at a deep level! 

Lori Lisai

5/1 Generator

AH! I LOVED working with Katie. Not only is she such an incredible and loving soul; she has been a wonderful mentor to me as I started my journey into Human Design. HD School was super comprehensive and I loved the additional support we get from Katie via the weekly group calls - seriously if you enrolled in HD School make sure you jump on the weekly calls; those in itself have been well, WELL worth the investment.

Overall, my experience has truly been an incredible one. As a non-sacral being - I loved being in Katie’s energy. It’s just really nice…not feeling the overwhelm of having to keep a certain pace. HD School was perfect and coming into it felt right at home for me.

Ruby Lin

5/1 Projector

The time and effort Katie has put into HD school really shows. It is PACKED full of detailed information on the whole system. If you’re wanting to learn to gain more personal knowledge or learn the system so that you can show up better as a coach or human in general, this is the perfect course for you. It truly has everything and Katie is incredibly supportive throughout the entire time and really open to answer any and all questions! On top of that, the support from the students as well as the facebook group is really something special - a group to nerd out with over HD doesn’t get much better than that! Definitely go for it if this is something that’s on your heart! 


5/1 REflector

Signing up and being part of HD school has been the best investment I've made. Katie is absolutely amazing. She is an incredible teacher, she has made the lessons so easy to understand, the content is organized, you can go at your own pace, there are ways to actually reach out if you have any questions, there is really a lot of benefits to having everything so easily accessible. Katie has done an incredible job at making all this information, that can be sometimes overwhelming, so easy to digest. For me, no brainer, absolutely recommend it. There is no doubt that you would get your investment and way more because Katie goes above and beyond with information she's made available to all the students and the way that we can just go back and listen to or look at the information anytime we want. Incredible. 


6/2 Manifesting Generator

Katie is an incredible teacher and delivers Human Design in a way that is comprehensive and easy to understand. I am part of another Human Design program and find Katie’s course to be easier to follow and packed full of value. You can tell she truly cares about her students and helps me feel supported on so many levels!



I was looking for a HD learning program and did not resonate at all with the ones that have been offered in my community. I started to get in touch with other HD people all over the world and so (HD BEE) recommended Katie as a great teacher and I absolutely do not regret to have joined HD school.

The program is very structured and easy explained. Your lessons come online with a video presentation and a pdf. I can learn whenever I am in my best energy to do so. We have live calls that I can join in when I want to, or I can just watch the recorded one and Katie and the community of HD students are always there to talk things out, answer questions...really great support. 


6/2 Projector

Katie’s HD School was phenomenal! She has the ability to explain metaphysical concepts in such a down-to-earth way. I absolutely love her metaphors. I had studied human design on my own for 18 months before I enrolled with her, and it was her explanations that finally allowed everything (and her NEW information) to take root in my brain and heart. Now I’ve started my own human design business helping women re-claim and discover themselves after co-dependent relationships. Thank you, Katie, for changing my life so I could change others’ lives! I’m forever grateful!

Sloane Simone

5/1 Generator

A friend of mine had introduced me into the fascinating world of Human Design, it really spoke to me, immediately intrigued. I was so hungry to understand it better, but struggled to find resources that actually made sense to me. Until... I stumbled across Katie’s YouTube channel on Human Design.

Her course is brilliant, I ended up binging on the videos, learning and being enlightened. Katie herself, is an absolute gem, going above and beyond to meet all my questions and curiosities I have had along the way. 

Learning Human design has been such an eye opener for me, it has helped me to see myself in another light and build up my confidence.

Maria B.

2/5 Generator

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