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How Human Design can help you

  • See your strengths

  • Give you your strategy to make the best decisions

  • Help you get into alignment

  • Teach you how to manage your energy

  • Help you see all the amazing things about you to love

  • Understand how you interact with others around you

  • Give you permission to be who you are

  • Help you love yourself

  • Help you be yourself

  • Discover your life purpose

  • Live a healthier life


  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

  • Increase self awareness

  • Live authentically true to yourself

  • Heal from and prevent burnout

  • Guide you where needs healing to live your most abundant life

  • Understand your personality traits

  • Understand where you are most vulnerable and open to conditioning from others

  • Discover your inner authority

  • Understand why someone else’s success strategy isn’t working for you and what can work instead

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What is human design?


 Human Design is all about differentiation - it’s what makes you unique and difference from others.

The system itself is based on your birth date, time and location and is a mash up of astrology, quantum physics, I Ching, Kabbalah and the chakra system — but don’t worry, you don’t need to understand any of those to benefit from Human Design!

Human Design is meant to be a system of self-discovery for us to experiment with and make major shifts in our consciousness for the evolution of mankind.

To me, and to my clients, what that really means is that it helps you to see yourself, know yourself and love yourself — thereby giving you permission to just be yourself. I know the more love we bring to the world, the better place it will be for everyone.

A quick word on what Human Design is not. It is not a religion or gospel or meant to limit you. Take what you want from it, experiment with it and see what feels right and best for you. It’s not about changing yourself, but getting back to who you truly are and shedding the outside conditioning you’ve taken on in your life.

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Hi gorgeous! I’m Katie, your Human Design advisor (and success coach + hypnotherapist). I’m a 2/4 emotional Manifestor designed to help you to become the happiest, most confident, successful version of yourself.

I found Human Design at a mastermind in Paris, almost 2 years ago and was instantly intrigued. As someone designed to be constantly in discovery of who I am, Human Design was naturally going to interest me. I spent months researching on my own, and keeping this tool to myself - thinking it would be too weird, too woo-woo to share with those I loved or in my business.

A series of “coincidences” (aka living your design) lead me to a Human Design specialist certification and I began to openly share the work I was doing - at first, nervous that others wouldn’t resonate with it like I had, but chart after chart, reading after reading, clients would tell me how accurate it was. How true this all felt. How it was a relief for them, to see who they were designed to be and gave them freedom to be more of themselves.

Human Design has given me so much - the ability to make better decisions, recover from burnout, understand my energy cycle, but above all else, Human Design has helped me to love myself. Growing up, I was quick to compare myself to others and see how I didn’t measure up. It was hard for me to see any good in myself, I felt like I had no value. Human Design has helped me to completely transform this because once I could see who I was, I stopped beating myself up for who I wasn’t. I saw that my lack of certainty was just my open Ajna, and was actually a gift because it made me open-minded and able to see things from multiple points of view. The emotional rollercoaster I always seemed to be on, was no longer wrong - but an important part of my experience and when I learned to make peace with the natural lows I experience, they became less intense and less frequent and actually helped me to make important decisions in my life. I could go on - but I’d rather help you use Human Design to discover yourself.


Ready to discover who you were designed to be? Learn your success strategies, get to know your inner authority and all the other wonderful pieces that make you uniquely important in our world?

Book your reading here. In a 60 minute reading, we'll cover type, strategy, authority, centres and as many channels and gates as we can get through.

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