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A 4-month Human Design course designed for the spiritually curious in a way that actually makes sense. 

Easy to understand, Empowering, & Enlightening

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Learn everything you need to know about the Emotional Solar Plexus & Authority in this masterclass

Emotional Solar Plexus

Learn how to upgrade your life through your human design - what areas to work on and what to leave alone

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Incarnation Cross



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5/1 Generator

Sloane Simone

Katie's explanations finally allowed everything to take root in my brain and heart. Now I’ve started my own human design business helping women re-claim and discover themselves after co-dependent relationships.

5/1 Generator


Katie is an incredible teacher and delivers Human Design in a way that is comprehensive and easy to understand.You can tell she truly cares about her students and helps me feel supported on so many levels!

6/2 Projector


I can learn whenever I am in my best energy to do so. I can join in when I want to, or I can just watch the recorded ones. The Katie and the community of HD students are always there to talk things out.

5/1 Reflector


If you’re wanting to learn to gain more personal knowledge or learn the system so that you can show up better as a coach or human in general, this is the perfect course for you.