Maybe you’ve heard
of Human Design. 

Maybe it sounded too good to be true. 
Maybe it sounded like exactly what you needed — if only it made sense.

What do these shapes, gates and colors mean? What does my authority tell me? 
What could my life look like if I operated from my design?

Like you, these are all questions I had. Questions I later answered.

Answers that changed my life, and ultimately lead you to me.

What if the answers 
were written in the stars?

You’d never have to question your path. 
You’d have a renewed sense of purpose.
You’d have an unshakeable confidence and self-worth.

That’s what human design did for me 5 years ago.

Growing up, I was 
quick to compare 
myself to others. 

I struggled to see the good in myself. I saw nothing but how I didn’t measure up. 

I wasn’t sure what to do with my life. All I knew is that I wanted to help people. I was open to anything– including advice from a random conversation with a man at the coffee shop I worked in high school. He was a Swiss Hotelier, and really talked it up the industry. So, I decided to get a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in hotels and I thought that would be a great way to help others and also travel. Win-win right?

Wrong. So wrong. (For me at least).

I quickly learned that wasn’t the kind of help I wanted to contribute to the world…but I didn’t know what was.

I wasn’t super interested in any particular career, and I felt like I didn’t have any real skills besides being nice and helping people. 

But I was obsessed with self-discovery, trying to figure out what my passion was, my life purpose - why am I here?

I bought a lot of self-help books and did every personality test I could find.

A few years ago, I gifted myself an astrological natal chart reading for my birthday. That was the closest I’d ever felt to being understood and seeing my value in the world … except I didn’t really know what to DO with that information.

enter human design

And was instantly intrigued. I spent months researching on my own, and keeping this tool to myself - thinking it would be too weird, too “woo-woo” to share with those I loved or in my business.

A series of “coincidences” (AKA living my design) lead me to a Human Design specialist certification and I began to openly share the work I was doing - at first, nervous that others wouldn’t resonate with it like I had, but chart after chart, reading after reading, clients would tell me how accurate it was. 

How true this all felt. 

How it was a relief for them, to see who they were designed to be and gave them freedom to be more of themselves.

I found human design 
At a mastermind in 
Paris over 2 years ago

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The ability to make better decisions, recover from burnout, understand my energy cycle, but above all else, Human Design has helped me to love myself. It’s helped me to completely transform this because once I could see who I was, I stopped beating myself up for who I wasn’t. I saw that my lack of certainty was just my open Ajna, and was actually a gift because it made me open-minded and able to see things from multiple points of view. The emotional rollercoaster I always seemed to be on, was no longer wrong - but an important part of my experience and when I learned to make peace with the natural highs and lows I experience, they became less intense and less frequent and actually helped me to make important decisions in my life. 

Now, after years of experience and over 250 students, I can answer the question – why am I here? – to become the happiest, most confident, successful version of yourself.

Human design has 
given me so much.

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