17 – 62 of Organization Channel

Sort of spiritual

This channel is logic, communicated. It can be very detail-oriented, methodical, step-by-step and well organized. And it can communicate all of these characteristics.

Think of any step-by-step guide, how-to manual — this is the logical process communicated.

You’re incredible at communicating details in a way that people understand them and it’s a powerful skill to have.

Speaking of skills, you’re a born organizer. Regardless of whether your space specifically looks organized to an outsider, you know where everything is and you’re an asset to anything that needs organization – people, events, information, spaces, business — you can organize it.

This channel can also be very opinionated, and potentially on the close-minded side if it’s not mindful. To this channel, its opinions are facts, but opinions aren’t always truth.

Your opinions are valued when others ask for them, and can create separation when they are spewed out because you just want to share.

The opinionated part of you may also frequently play devil’s advocate, which can accidentally crush a lot of hopes in dreams even though you intend it to be harmless (and often you think you’re being helpful!)

On the flip side, this channel can help you to expand your potential and go beyond what we believe is possible in this world, and I’m all for people who are out there communicating expansive possibilities, I believe the world could use a lot more of that.

17 – 62 


I am designed to turn possibilities into a plan.

I experiment with possibilities to see what works.

I am gifted at communicating in a well-organized and methodical way.

I’m designed to share my opinions when asked.

People appreciate my organizational abilities.

I can logically present information and communicate details in a way that others get.

I expand possibilities and potential for the world.

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