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Projector How to receive invitations

The importance of understanding your version of success, understand Projector strengths & challenges, how to work with your aura, what to do about bitterness and lots more.

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Transcript below:

Hello. Welcome. Finally, the projector episode, I feel like it’s been coming for weeks, but it kept getting rearranged. But here we are. I have so many projectors in my life. My parents and brother, and best friend are projectors. So many of my clients and students are, although I noticed recently a lot more students are generators and manifesting generators. Which makes sense, but my point being a lot of protector energy in my life, and I love it. I feel like projectors can feel that I’m also an undefined sacral type as a manifestor and we can connect over that. Maybe I cannot believe that we only have a month left in this year. I have just gotten this massive, like manifester surge of energy to finish up all kinds of projects that I’ve been working on over the year and just really tie up some loose ends so I can fully relax over the holidays. And I forget sometimes how good it feels for my energy to just work like crazy and then be so done and completely turned off. Prefer that more so than the kind of standard work cycle, which I know, but sometimes I forget, I’m also heading to New York city next week. I’ve always wanted to see it around Christmas. So I can’t wait to see all the lights and the decorations. It’s going to be so fun and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be too cold, which is ideal. I am not a cold weather person. And then I’m heading to Vancouver for the holidays, with my boyfriend’s family, and then I’m moving to Mexico. So I’m pretty excited about all the stuff that’s coming up. But anyways, in this episode, we’re going to understand some important aspects of being a projector, including the idea of recognition the not-self theme of bitterness. The signature of success, the aura, the three different types of projectors, the strengths and challenges of a projector. And it’s so good. I love talking about projectors. As usual. I made a cheat sheet for you that you can find at sort of I will be making a dedicated cheat sheet library soon because I have so many cheat sheets from this podcast. And from other things, it’ll be easier to just keep them all in one place for you. So that’ll be coming soon. Either way you can use this link to get the projector cheat sheet for all kinds of good reminders. From this episode, part two will be out next week, getting into the whole, waiting for the invitation business, the whole strategy of it, all, what to do when you’re waiting. What about burnout, health and lots more. but without further ado, let’s get into this week’s episode. All right. So starting out with the very basics. Projectors are about 20% of the population and growing. Their strategy is to wait for the invitation. Their signature is success. Their not self theme is bitterness. Their aura is focused and absorbing, and they can have many different authorities as projector as well. So there’s more variety, I would say in types of projectors than there are in any other of the human design types. So we’ll get into the different types of projectors, but they can have many different types of authorities. They can have emotional authority, splenic authority, self projected authority, mental projected authority. Some people refer to that in different ways. The sounding board, environmental, all that stuff. We covered all the authorities in the authority episode, but today we’re talking about projectors. So the projector focus is really about guiding others, sharing their wisdom and sharing themselves, sharing their gifts. They’re a new human design type, actually. There are only a few hundred years old. And they’re said to be growing so we’re going to continue to have more projectors. It was said that manifestors who used to be at the top of the hierarchy in terms of guiding or ruling others are no longer really here to rule, like they used to be. We talked about that in the manifestor episode. So now it’s about projectors and it’s about recognizing and guiding people’s strengths and guiding energy. And in the definitive book of human design, they say that projectors are the administrators of the new order, which I kind of like, it sounds like they’re part of some like space galaxy, which technically we all are, I guess, but projectors are really here to manage the energy of others, to guide others. They’re great at guiding creation. They’re great at guiding that generator or manifesting generator energy. And they have a gift as well for efficiency when they understand how to use their energy, which they really need because projectors aren’t designed to work a lot. So they need to be very efficient. they’re not meant to work for long periods or generate for long periods like generators are, for example. So when projectors are really in alignment, they can be efficient, get done what they need to get done in a short amount of time. Projectors are also here to share their wisdom with the right people. Their wisdom is not going to be for everybody, right? Nobody is for everybody. And their strength is really knowing others so they can see the uniqueness and they can see the sort of correctness or the alignment for others as well. I think I’ve talked about this before, but just in case I haven’t, when I’m sharing about things being correct, it’s just a word that human design uses and what it really just means is alignment or that’s how I take it anyway. So if I’m saying that something’s correct, I just mean that it’s correct for them and their energy or in alignment for them. And so for projectors, they’re also said to be quite intellectually gifted and it’s not necessarily anything to do with typical IQ, although it certainly could look like traditional intelligence, but they have a different way of viewing things of seeing things and being in terms of their intellect. So they have this wisdom that the rest of us don’t necessarily have. They see things differently. That’s part of who they are. That’s part of their gift. And they’re designed to be recognized or to be seen that way. If you are not comfortable being seen as a projector or being recognized as a projector that is a red flag and something that you need to work on because your whole success in life as a projector depends on you being seen and recognized. So if that’s something that feels uncomfortable for you, do the work, whatever it looks like for you, do the work around being seen, because that’s a big piece of being a projector. You’re also great at seeing the big picture, you know, kind of having that bird’s eye view. You’re extremely magnetic. If you have spent any time on tick-tock you have maybe seen this affirmation that I see there all the time that says I don’t chase, I attract what belongs to me will simply find me. And if there is any affirmation that you take on as a projector, I think that is so perfect. And I think it’s so aligned for projectors. I don’t chase. I attract what belongs to me will simply find me. So like I mentioned, projectors have this unique view or this unique gift, and you’re really here to develop this view or this gift or this talent or skill however you want to look at it because that’s something that you’re designed to be recognized for. And with having this unique view, it’s also helpful for projectors to be able to understand others. Their aura is a penetrating aura. They like to get inside others. They like to understand others. And as they’re here to guide energy and to guide the energy of other people, understanding others is really crucial for projectors. Generally, projectors are people that are fairly fascinated with others. they’re naturally fascinated with systems like human design or psychology or astrology or anything that really helps you to get to know the other and know themselves to a degree because as a projector, knowing yourself and truly understanding yourself and your gifts can be tricky sometimes. But when you’re able to understand people around you, when you’re able to focus on your unique thing, your gift, your skill, your talent, it makes the waiting process of being a projector a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. So when we’re talking about the whole waiting for the invitation, like we talk about with a projector strategy, there’s a lot of nuance when it comes to this, when you’re focused on what you just love to do and what you’re so interested in, what you could research about endlessly, what you could talk about endlessly. That really is what makes the waiting okay. Because it’s like, you’re so into doing this thing or being this way that you love, you don’t really notice the time passing as much. And then the invitations pop up because you’re absorbed in this gift. This view, this skill, this talent that you love. While you’re waiting, developing this skill is also something that is a worthwhile use of your time. We’ll talk about this a little bit later, but this unique gift that you have, it also needs to be something that you develop for you. It’s not meant to only be given to others. And although it definitely can be, you want this to be something that is created for you, because it is aligned with you because you enjoy it. And your unique gift can then be seen and recognize and invited out by other people. But if the intention behind developing something, is only to get recognition. It’s not going to work out so well. So it really needs to be something that your true energy and your true alignment is actually behind. If you’re not sure what your gift is right now. That’s okay. Follow your curiosity. Follow what fascinates you? What are you drawn to? What are you constantly reading books about or listening to podcasts about or Googling or following Instagram accounts about what is it that you want to know? What is it that holds your interest? Another thing that can help you is actually just looking at your human design chart and getting to know your human design chart, especially your channels. What are your channels about like your constant strengths, your constant gifts? what’s there getting to know your gates can also be really helpful. I do have a gates cheat sheet and a channel’s cheat sheet actually. So leave both of those linked below. If you want to get a better understanding of your gates and channels. But getting to know your gifts and then developing those is really important for a projector. And it’s okay if it takes some time, one of the quotes, I’m not sure if I’ve shared this in another podcast episode or not, but it’s one of my favorite quotes that is like, don’t be afraid for the time that’s going to pass because it’s going to pass anyways. So if there’s this thing that you absolutely love, and it’s going to take you five years to develop the skill level that you need to be able to really practice this skill, great five years, it’s going to go by whether you’re doing what you love or not. So you might as well work towards that thing that you love. And if you change your mind during that time, that’s okay too. It’s just like a stepping stone. That’s going to get you closer to what that thing is for you. There also might be different things. And I like to look at things to see if there’s a theme as well. So for example, let’s say you really love cooking shows home decor shows and like plastic surgery shows, right. Something kind of random, like this combination, you’re really fascinated with all of these. And so you could look to see what is the common thread through all of these. Maybe it’s transformation, where it’s like you like seeing the ingredients being turned into a meal or a house being transformed, or a person being transformed. And so maybe it’s like taking this initial thing and transforming it. And so you like that guiding process, you like that transformation process, maybe that’s something that you’re good at and you have a skill in that area. So when you’re looking at your interests, you can look and maybe see if there’s a deeper, thread that’s connecting everything. If you also feel you’re not at the point of knowing what this is, set an intention to discover it, Say it out to the universe, journal about it and just leave it there where it’s not like there’s this attachment that has to happen right now, but that you’re open to discovering it. You’re ready to discover it and allow it to come. It will. And while you’re in this process of discovering your unique gift, if you’re not sure what this is yet, do the things that you enjoy, Being magnetic is an important part about being a projector. So the more you’re doing what you love, the more magnetic you’re going to be to drawing that thing in. Some challenges as a projector. One of the big challenges is really knowing yourself and seeing yourself because you’re not actually really here to do that. You’re here to know others. You’re here to have this, you know, penetrating aura that gets inside others that can know others. So it can be difficult. And this is again where something like human design can be really helpful or any other system to help show you who you are in a way that might not be so obvious. Another challenge with projectors, which is a bit of a strength that turns into a challenge is seeing what needs to get done. So again, projectors have great capacity to see, to understand things. And So it’s like, you can see that something needs to get done. You can see that there’s this problem. You can see that there’s this challenge and then you get stuck in the role of doing it. So that’s, the challenge is trying to do all the things that you can see just because you can see something needs to happen, it doesn’t mean that you’re the one that’s designed to do that thing. Projectors also have so much insight. You’re really great at correcting things that need changing and you probably do know better than other people often, you can observe them, you know them in a way that maybe they don’t know themselves, you can see how they could be doing something better, but not everybody wants to hear that. So it can be challenging, right? Seeing how something can be changed or improved and not being able to share or people not receiving your input. Another challenge is an open sacral type, which projectors manifestors and reflectors are When you don’t have the sacral defined, the not self theme is that it doesn’t know when enough is enough. So it’s like you have this fuel tank or this gas tank, but you don’t have a gas gauge. So you don’t know when you’re out of gas until it’s like too late and you’re on the side of the highway without any fuel in your car. And the next gas station is like 50 miles away. Obviously this is different because we’re talking about humans, but this really is about you getting burnt out and getting exhausted. Another challenge can be absorbing energy and holding on to energy. So as a projector, you’re really meant to get into other people’s energy and you will take it on and absorb it to a degree. So you want to make sure you’re absorbing energy from the right people and that you’re also discharging it when you’re done with it. So you can take in energy and amplify all this energy, but you’re not meant to use it consistently. Another challenge can be judging yourself for being lazy. Projectors actually aren’t lazy. It’s not like they just don’t want to do something or they can’t it’s that their energy is designed to work differently. So it’s not about being lazy. Lazy is a judgment. Your energy is different. Another challenge can be being perceived as being bossy or controlling, or like a know it all or being needy or demanding. And a lot of that, again comes from your ability to see people and to know people and to want to help or guide them. But when it’s not done in the right way, and when you just force it on people, as opposed to waiting for the invitation to share that’s when it comes across as bossy, controlling, being a know it all being needy, being demanding. And that’s not something that feels great. Getting recognized for the wrong things or doing things for recognition can also be a challenge for a projector. Projectors are designed to be recognized. But it needs to be done in the right way. Self-worth can also be a challenge because again, you do operate differently for most of the world. You are not in the 70% majority of being a generator or a manifesting generator. And you’re also not what human design calls an energy type. I don’t love that language, but when you look at manifestors generators and manifesting generators, that’s 80% of the world. And you’re not in that majority. So it can cause you to feel different and question yourself. And especially in a society that ties a lot of our self-worth to our productivity. You’re not meant to be productive in the sense of hustling all the time. You’re meant to be efficient, right? Very different things. But sometimes if you’re not spending all of your time being productive, it feels like you’re not valuable and that’s not the truth. And it’s often a lesson that isn’t outwardly taught. Like you have to be working all the time to be valuable, but this whole idea of like, we have to go for your dreams to make it happen. You have to work hard, anything worth having is worth working hard for, or it’s going to take hard work. And that can make you question yourself and your self worth when you don’t feel like you’re as productive, or if you think you need to be producing things all the time to be worthy. Another challenge is potentially it can take longer as a non-energy type or as a projector to benefit from human design. I don’t necessarily believe this is true, but I’m just going to share some stuff from Ra Uru Hu, the founder of human design. He says it takes seven years to go through this process of deconditioning. And he really holds that true for projectors where other types, it might happen a little bit more quickly, especially with generators, let’s say because they can start responding to things and things can change really quickly. I’ve worked with enough projectors. Who’ve had big transformations in their energy, their magnetism, their invitations, even just after a couple of months. So I don’t necessarily believe that’s true, but I’ve also only been working with human design for four and a bit years now. So I can’t say what it looks like for a full seven year cycle for a projector, because I haven’t worked with one for a full seven year cycle at this point. I also do believe. It depends on how far from yourself you are. Like how out of alignment you are. If you’re acting right now like a super generator, when you’re a projector and you’re doing something you hate, and you’re really stuck on the recognition of what you get from doing this. So let’s say you’re a projector. You are in a job where you are being recognized for working really hard. And you’re working like 60, 70, 80 hours a week and you’re super burned out. It might take you a little bit longer to go through this transformation process because there’s a lot more deconditioning to do. If you’re really attached to that recognition, you’re getting for working hard. We don’t want recognition for working hard. We’ll get to this sort of rules of recognition a little bit later, but I also don’t think this whole transformation for projectors has to be that slow a process. One of the biggest challenges I find with projectors as well is not being seen or recognized for who you really are as a projector. It can feel kind of painful when people don’t see you and people don’t recognize you. And sometimes, like I said, it’s because you’re taking in that sacral energy and you’re working really hard. And you spent the first couple of decades maybe of your life doing that. So people recognize you for something other than who you are, because you’ve been acting like something other than who you are for a really long time. Another challenge can also be this fear that if you do nothing, nothing will happen, That if you wait for the invitation, nothing is going to happen. You’re just going to lie on your couch forever, and that’s going to be your entire life. And so sometimes you get into this busy thing and overworking and using this energy that you don’t have. I would also say that projectors are probably the most sensitive energy types and this really has to do with their aura. Your aura is meant to get into other people, penetrate them, feel their energy, and you can absorb a lot of energy like that. A lot of people think that reflectors are the most sensitive because their energy centers are completely open, but the aura of a reflector is very different. Their aura is really designed to almost protect them. So projectors can be very sensitive to energy, which is not a bad thing. It can be a great gift and actually that’s what they’re designed for. Right? They need to be able to sense the energy if they’re going to be guiding energy and guiding other people. But it’s just understanding how to use that for your advantage and not just constantly taking on other people’s energy and never discharging it. The signature for projectors, this is success, and the signature is really this frequency that you’re going for. That is like the ultimate, good feeling frequency for you. And success is what’s going to create wellbeing for projectors. And it comes from when you have energetically healthy people around you. When you’re being acknowledged for your projector skills, your unique gifts talents, and you can manage your energy resources well, and the energy resources of others well, right. You’re designed to understand others, to understand the energy of others and to take in and use the energy of others to a degree. So your frequency really depends on having healthy people, energetically healthy people around you that are in alignment so that you can guide them and be of service in the way that you’re designed to be and find success in a way that feels correct for you. And it can be helpful to do some work around what success actually means. I get this question sometimes from projectors of what is success? what does that mean? What my signature is success, and it’s not success as in how your parents define success or how society defines success or how literally anyone else defines it. Does it feel like owning a bunch of businesses? Does it feel like being incredibly wealthy? Does it feel like having your own land and raising cattle? Does it feel like having a little flower shop in a small town and just really getting to focus in on that? what does success feel like for you? Does it feel like being a great parent and that’s what your success is? so it’s understanding what success is. It doesn’t matter what anyone else’s definition of success is because as a projector, you will have your own group of people that you are here to guide to lead and your success is going to be attached to that level of alignment. So a projector success could look very different from projector to projector, and it doesn’t matter what it looks like for anyone else. It’s what’s right for you. When it comes to guiding people, questions are also important for projectors the right questions, because you’re here to be guides. People don’t often enjoy being guided by force or by being told or having demands made of them. But a great tool for projectors to use is questions, especially if they’re guiding that generator or manifesting generator energy, because when they’re able to use the right questions and in this case, it would be yes or no questions. If you’re working with generated types, they can respond to that. you’re not forcing them, you’re guiding them. So if you can help them be in touch with their sacral and guide their energy in that way, then it’s going to be a win-win for everybody, because you’re going to all be in alignment. another element of success for projectors is using your energy correctly. There is a limited amount of energy that comes with being a projector. And when I say limited, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not going to have energy. You could be a very energetic projector, but it’s not the same level of sustainable energy. So if you’re comparing your level of energy to a generator, and you’re both in alignment, they’re going to have a different quality of energy than you, which is perfect. So it’s about understanding your energy, understanding your energetic boundaries, knowing when to rest, knowing when to be lazy and to take time off. And that’s going to create a healthy, successful projector. The not self theme of a projector is bitterness. So if you’re in the not self and you are experiencing bitterness, you need to check in and find out what is making you bitter and some of the most common things that will make a projector feel bitter is of course burnout. So the energy piece for projectors is so important. Working too much will burn you out. It will fry your circuits, right? That not knowing when enough is enough from the open sacral. When you push yourself too far, when you don’t know when to stop or when you do know when to stop and you keep going anyways, and you’re not taking care of yourself, you don’t know when to leave. You don’t know what to leave a bad job. You don’t know when to leave a bad relationship. You don’t know when to leave a bad situation. You don’t know what to leave about home, right? It’s not knowing when enough is enough. And I can create a lot of bitterness taking in energy and being a super worker is another thing that can create bitterness. Automatically all projectors are going to have an undefined sacral. And so you can take in and amplify that. So a lot of projectors become these like super human super workers, but they’re just bitter because they’re not using their energy correctly and they’re burnt out. another thing that can create bitterness is this feeling like life isn’t fair and things just don’t seem to work out for you in the way that they work for other people, like things are harder, your success is harder. Like it’s more difficult for you to do things. It takes longer for you to do things. It’s harder to be recognized. Other people get more opportunities. Again, it’s going back to using your strategy and authority of waiting for the invitation. You’re not here to hustle to make things happen. Like other types might be, and that’s perfectly okay, but trying to operate in a way that you’re not designed to operate and then not getting the results, even though you’re tired and you’re using so much of your energy, that can definitely create a lot of bitterness. Wanting recognition and not getting it can also create bitterness, right? Projectors want to be recognized. This is a big part of being a projector. It’s how you operate. You need recognition. And so if you’re wanting recognition, but you’re not receiving it, that can make you bitter, or if you’re receiving it for the wrong thing or for not what you really are, or if you’re getting recognized for working hard and using your energy, that all can create a lot of bitterness. Another thing, again, goes back to your gift of being able to see what other people should be doing and how other people should be operating. When you can see this and you can’t share it, or you do share it and isn’t received well, or people don’t act on your corrections that can also create some bitterness. I was watching the show on Netflix, like probably a year ago and it’s called dead to me. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, and there’s this grandmother in it. She’s a real estate agent like hardworking, successful. And her daughter-in-law also works for her real estate firm. I don’t know if that’s the right word. and so the daughter-in-law was trying to sell this house and she wasn’t able to sell it and the house was moldy. And so the daughter-in-law was saying like, I can’t sell it because it’s moldy. And the grandmother went on to sell the house, even though it had mold in it. And so she said the grandmother to her, daughter-in-law the only harder sell than a moldy house is a bitter woman. No one wants to live with that. And the whole bitter woman thing aside like a bitter person, I would say. No one wants to live with a bitter person, but I thought, Ooh, especially if you are trying to be recognized, right? You need recognition as a projector. You need to be invited as a projector. That’s how you’re designed to work. And when you’re bitter, no one wants that. No one wants to be around that. And I don’t say that as in like, you’re bad. If you’re bitter or you need to be happy all the time, or you need to make other people happy, not at all. It’s just a matter of understanding how important it is for you to find that alignment and to find that magnetism and to find that success for yourself, because one, it’s going to feel so much better for yourself, but then when you’re not in that frequency of being bitter, you will attract so many more invitations. And projectors are designed to work with other people they’re designed to need other people. and that’s not a bad thing. I want to be really clear. It’s not about being needy or some other kind of judgment. There really doesn’t need to be any judgment here. It’s just energetically how you’re meant to interact. You’re meant to manage the energy of others to guide others. So when you’re in bitterness, it’s challenging to attract what you need to attract. Being magnetic is so key. So finding out what’s making you bitter and doing something about that is really important. Having a gratitude practice is also a great way to help you stay out of bitterness as a projector, but of course, living your life by design. That’s the big piece. Okay, let’s talk about the projector aura. So you have a focused aura that really gets into and penetrates other people at a deeper level. Your aura is more open, even though it’s focused, it’s open in terms of letting energy in. So it absorbs the energy of others and so it’s easier for projectors to act like a manifestor or to act like a generator for a limited amount of time, because it’s like you can get in and really experience that energy. And your aura is designed this way. it’s so that you can deeply know others, right? To live out your purpose. You have to have access to the resources of others. You need to know who is right for you and who can really see you, who can really recognize you for the correct things. So you need to be able to get into the people’s energy to understand if they’re going to be the right people to recognize you or not. Your aura will also help you with the right environment or community. So if you’re sharing your wisdom, let’s say, and you only speak English like me and you’re sharing this to a group of people who only speak French, let’s say, and there is no translator. You will not be valued. They won’t be able to recognize you. And this will leave you feeling bitter and it’s not that you don’t have wisdom. Of course you do, but you’re sharing your wisdom to a group of people who can’t receive it. So it’s not valuable to them. And this is not going to feel great to you. So it’s about your aura, helping you to find the right people. And it does that by getting into others, your aura is also magnetic. So the right people will be really drawn to you. And it’s all about you just becoming your most magnetic self. but the general thing about being more magnetic is of course, following your strategy and authority. So when you get the right people in your inner circle, you can be aligned, you can discover your purpose, and that’s just how your aura’s meant to operate for you as a projector energy type. So a little bit earlier, I talked about energy types versus non-energy types. So when we’re looking at energy types, human design classifies them as manifestors generators and manifesting generators, and then non-energy types are projectors or reflectors. So projectors are classified as a non-energy type. I don’t like this language, but there is some differences that I think are helpful to understand, because it’s not like you don’t have energy. Of course you have energy, but your energy works differently. So it’s more like a variable energy type, as opposed to a non-energy type. One of the judgments that I often find that projectors face is that they’re lazy either from yourself or from other people. And I find that often that judgment usually comes from yourself because you look at other people, you compare yourself to other people and you think you need to work harder. You think you need to hustle. And so you try to work harder, but even though you feel like you can’t, or if you’re working really hard, then on the weekend, it’s like you can’t get out of bed. And you sleep in and you’re just like so exhausted. So you’re not lazy. You have a different quality of energy and you really need to take care of your energy. You need a lot of rest. You need naps and like horizontal lie downtime. That is one of my favorite things as a non sacral. So again, manifestors, projectors, reflectors. We all need that. And just lying down alone. You can discharge your energy far better than just standing or sitting up. So getting horizontal, even if you have just like 10 minutes or five minutes or 20 minutes, and you don’t actually have time to sleep or you don’t fall asleep, that’s okay. Getting horizontal can be really regenerative to you. And so can actual sleep and rest of course. One of my projector. Clients tells me all the time how the lie downs have been such a game changer for her. So try them out. I do them as well as a manifester. And at first I was like, this isn’t going to do anything. Um, it does, it really does. It’s so helpful, especially if you’re having one of those days where it’s like, I still have stuff that I need to get done. Okay, cool. Take a 20 minute lie down. Not scrolling on Instagram or anything like that, but just actually lie down. Close your eyes if you don’t fall asleep, no problem. And then it’s always so much better energetically when you get up. Another thing to consider is different types of rest, right? I’ll put a link in the show notes to a document or like an Instagram post or something about this, where we have different types of rest, right? Physical rest, mental rest, emotional rest, sensory rest, creative rest, et cetera. There’s all these different types of rests. So it can be helpful to look into these because understanding what type of rest you need or what you might not be having enough of can also really help. And of course, alone time for projectors is important too. You need to discharge your energy. Although you do need a balance of people time, you also need time alone and to learn how to empty out. Okay. You’ve been listening to my podcast, you know, I have weird analogies for things, but these come up when I’m working with clients. And so for projectors, I really like to think of your energy as if you are a Lamborghini or like a Bentley or a rolls Royce or something. Okay. So no hate to any of the other types. They’re all amazing. So I imagine that you’re like a very fancy high end car in the sense that you have this incredible quality of energy, but you’re not meant to be on all the time. So I imagine a lot of people with expensive cars, you know, they’ll take them out, they’ll go cruising. They’ll go for a nice drive. Show them off, drive them for a couple of hours. They love these cars. They take such good care of these cars. They only put like the top grade of fuel in these cars. And when they take it home, it’s in a garage, not with a bunch of stuff stuffed around it. It has space and they clean it. They make sure there’s no dust on it. And they like have one of those car blankets. They put on it, you know, to me, that’s a projector. you are a fancy car. You’re meant to be using your energy for a limited amount of time. And then you rest and you take really good care of yourself. You’re not meant to be hauling some massive trailer behind you making this cross-country trip, driving 24 hours straight. No, you’re taking yourself out for a spin you’re showing off, and then you’re going back to your garage and taking really good care of your car, right? So it’s not like one is better or worse. It’s just different qualities of energy. and I want you to remember that just being a projector like this, being your human design is your invitation to operate differently, right? It is like you have been invited into this elite secret society by birth that gets to opt out of working in hustle. You get to see you get to guide. If you choose to allow it, you get to live differently than how most of us live. You’ve been chosen. If you want to look at it that way. Cause I think some people struggle of not being the same and operating differently. It’s a privilege to be able to opt out of this hustle and working hard. You’re here to be different. You’re designed to be different. Okay. So there are three different types of projectors. We have classic projectors, energy projectors, and mental projectors. I will put diagrams of these in the projector cheat sheet, which you can get at projector. I will also link it in the show notes, of course, just to make it a little bit easier, but we have a classic projector, which essentially means that they have no motors. And again, in the cheat sheet, I’ll explain what this means. If you’re not sure they have no motors, but they do have some kind of definition. So some of their centers are colored in below their throat. So what that means is that they’ll either have the G center or they’ll have the spleen center defined as well as potentially other centers but they won’t have any motors. A mental projector is a projector that will only have definition from the throat up. And then a energy projector will have one of the motors defined. So they’ll have either the emotional solar plexus, the root center or the will center defined. And like I said, I’ll have images in the cheat sheet that will make it a lot easier to understand than me, just verbally trying to describe it. So classic projectors, they take in the energy of the motors of others and amplify it. They’re not necessarily open with centers. They could still have up to five centers defined as a classic projector, but they will for sure have four centers, all of the motors open, and it’s like, they can test drive the energy of the motors of others. And this can be helpful for them to know which energy is correct for them and which is not. Classic projectors are not designed to do things on their own when they don’t have those motors, they need energy from other people. So partnerships and collaborations and business relationships, all of these things are important for projectors. Their source of energy comes from others. They don’t produce consistent energy that is sustainable on their own. And again, that’s not a bad thing, right? It’s like, you’re this Lamborghini. I think that’s great. It’s just about understanding that. And you can also take in and amplify the energy for a period of time and be super powerful, but at a certain point that energy will fry your circuit. So you don’t want to be holding on to that for too long. So like I said, if you have all four of these motors open, you could potentially be taking in energy of all four motors and amplifying them. And that can be a lot. So you could have crazy energy for a little bit, but it’s not something that’s sustainable for you to always use. The energy projector also sometimes called a motorized projector. Will have the emotional solar plexus center, root center or we’ll center, or two of those or three of those defined. You want to pay close attention as an energy projector, to who wants access to your energy versus who is recognizing you for your true gifts, right? You’re here to be recognized. All projectors are. So you want to make sure that when people are accessing your energy, they’re the right people, it’s for the right reasons. And they’re not just using your energy for labor or to get some sort of project done. It needs to be aligned with who you are and what you’re here to be doing. You also need to discharge built up energy from the motors that are defined. So it can be helpful to have some kind of practice to use at the energy in your motors, whether it’s like exercise or dancing, or some kind of physical activity, just shaking it out to help you get that extra energy out especially if you find that you can feel this buildup of energy that makes you frantic, or it might feel like emotional or stress or pressure. Finding a way to help yourself discharge the energy can also just calm your system down. Okay. And the last type of projector we have mental projectors. They have no definition below the throat. So from the throat down, they’re not going to have any color in their centers, but they can have up to a maximum of three centers defined. the head, the mind, and the throat, a combination of those could be defined. They are sensitive to taking in energy and conditioning. And that’s not a bad thing. They’re just sensitive. And they’re not actually, that similar to a reflector. Sometimes people look at a mental projector and think, oh, they’re basically a reflector. They have so much openness. And they don’t have an inner authority. This is true. But mental projectors have a very different aura. They have the projector, aura versus reflectors having a reflector aura, and so they’re very different, even though visually they might look somewhat similar. With a mental projector. There can be a reliance on your mind because you have so much energy up in that part of your body or that part of your body graph anyways, but the mind isn’t your authority. So it’s really about understanding that. And again, we have a separate episode all about authority. So you can check that out if you’re unsure about what your authority is. And with this design Ra says it’s about the other, it’s not about you. And the more that you can know the other, and you can eliminate them if they’re not correct for you, or you can guide them, if they are correct for you, then the better you will be in a sense because your environment does affect you quite a bit as a mental projector. So when you’re around the right people in the right environment, that’s going to help you be more aligned. It can also be really helpful to take a vacation on your own and create an environment where you can decide what’s correct for you and just really get away from outside influence. Okay there, we have it. We’ll be getting into more projector things. Next Monday, the cheat sheet is ready for you at sort of If you know a projector, please share this with them. It can be so challenging to be different. And their energy is so magnetic when they understand themselves. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you so much and I will see you next week.

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