12-22 Channel of Openness

Sort of spiritual

Ooh I feel like I could talk for an hour about this channel. It’s the channel that makes me a manifestor in my design and I feel it so powerfully.

I really want you to understand how important your emotions are with this channel.

They are so powerful and YOU are so powerful when you understand how to be with your emotions and express them.

Usually when I come across this channel, there is deep shame and embarrassment about our emotions. They’re big, and at some point in our life we’ve been told we’re too much.

We’re moody, and at many points in our life we’ve been forced to show up, create, go out when we really just don’t have it in us. And then people around us don’t understand because we had it in us yesterday, or last week.

And that makes us doubt ourselves and our power. Because our power is on demand from someone else’s schedule. It’s so deep within us and reveals itself when we respect our timing, our emotions, our process.

You create space for others when you allow yourself to express you creativity.

Your expression is here to create transformation in this world, and you’re here to get attention with your voice. I know it feels scary and sometimes you feel like you’re not seen, or afraid of being seen. I’m still working on this myself.

Give yourself time, you don’t need to rush.

If I could share only 2 things with you about this channel, here’s what I’d say:

1 – you absolutely need to learn how to safely express the full range of your emotions. If you’re suppressing them, not only are you losing out on their beauty and power but you’re spending so much precious energy trying to hold them in. Your emotions are your energy source, learn to work with them.

2 – Capture your creativity when it’s here. When the words just pour out of you, when the art just seems to create itself. Write it down, draw it out, record a voice note. When you’re connected to the creativity, capture it. Express it. And then when it’s gone, don’t try to force it, it will come back when the time is right.

Trust in your big feelings. Trust in right timing.

12 – 22 Affirmations

My emotions are my power.

I am here to express my depth.

I trust my moods and don’t force myself to create or be social when it doesn’t feel right.

I respect my unique life path.

I know how to express my emotions.

My expression creates space for others.

My expression creates transformation.

I trust my power to articulate powerfully when the energy is right.

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