47 – 64 Channel of Abstraction

Sort of spiritual

This is the channel of receiving downloads from the universe. You have a direct connection and are here to receive pieces of the puzzle.

They will come to you in big chunks, often feeling like an epiphany or one of those big “Ah-Ha!” moments.

But these big downloads are often abstract (the channel is called attraction, after all).

Leaving you feeling like you just unboxed all the pieces of some complex Ikea furniture build and you have the picture of what it will look like… but no directions in sight for how to put together the 376 pieces in front of you.

The downloads can leave you feeling overwhelmed or under pressure to figure it all out and your mind goes into overdrive because you are an incredible problem solver after all.

So let me let you in on a little secret with this channel.

The HOW of figuring all this out.

Go for a walk.

Take a bath or have a shower.

Cook a beautiful meal.

Have sex with someone you love (yourself counts 😉).

Because the how is not your job.

The how is above your pay grade (I can’t remember where I heard this line, but it’s not mine).

Your job is to be an open channel to receive.

Your job is to cultivate a mindset of possibility.

Your job is to be open to receiving and to allow the downloads to come through.

Your job is to give yourself quiet moments so you can hear the guidance when it comes.

You cannot FORCE the answers to come.

But you can trust that they will.

The downloads take time, and they don’t operate according to your personal timeline.

And when you get a big download and share it with someone and they say, “but HOW are you going to do that?”

Remember your mantra: the how is not my job.

Trust. Receive. Trust. Receive.

One more thing, this is a highly visual channel so experiment with processing information visually. Think mind maps, vision boards, making diagrams etc.

47 – 64 Affirmations

I am designed to receive divine downloads.

I trust that the right information will be given to me at the right time.

I am open to receiving epiphanies and miracles.

I know “the how” is not my job.

I allow myself to receive pieces of the puzzle.

I release the pressure it figure it out. I focus on cultivating a mindset of possibility.

In an infinite universe I know that anything is possible.

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