16 – 48 Channel of Mastery

Sort of spiritual

Natural talent and skill + the intuition to gain mastery = the 16-48 channel.

You are born talented, with enthusiasm and love of a skill that you’re here to share with us all.

You’re also born with the intuition of how to gain mastery of that skill.

You know that practice makes perfect and intuitively see the patterns that create “perfection”. Your desire for depth is beautiful because there is always more to learn, deeper to go, and always more mastery to gain.

But remember, just because there is more to learn, doesn’t mean you don’t know enough right now.

The gate 48 can have a fear of inadequacy that often stops this channel from developing its skill because it thinks it’s “not good enough”.

I like to reframe that thinking to thinking of depth. You can go deep into something without being at the fullest depth…. Without taking away your current level of depth.

For example in terms of degrees, you can get a 4 year bachelors degree and have a good amount of depth. Or you could go deeper and get a masters… or you could go deeper still and get a PhD.

Just because you don’t have a PhD now, doesn’t mean you don’t have depth, you just don’t have that level of mastery in your topic yet.

(And the degree is just an example, I’m not suggesting you need one!)

Also, there’s a good chance you don’t even need that level of depth, but you think it will cure your fear of inadequacy, and it won’t.

Here’s what I really want to drive home – you don’t ever NEED to go that deep. But isn’t it fun that if it’s something you love that you could? That you can enjoy where you’re at now and go deeper into something you want to master?

Pursue the depth and mastery of what you love, not out of fear that you’re not enough as you are.

Use your strategy and authority to guide you, not your fear.

16 – 48 Affirmations

I intuitively know how to gain mastery of my talents.

I am skilled by design.

I am willing to dedicate myself to improving what I love.

I know there is always a deeper level of mastery to attain, and I am enough wherever I am.

I trust my intuition to guide my depth and do not take action out of a fear of inadequacy.

My gifts are here to serve the collective.

I share my talents with others.

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