1 – 8 Channels of Inspiration

Sort of spiritual

You’re here to make a contribution through your unique self-expression.

You empower others, inspire others and lead by example.

You’re here to inspire and get attention. You’re designed to get that attention through your unique self-expression. It’s crucial that you have the courage to march to the beat of your own drum.

Be the most YOU that you can be. Allow yourself to live your life uniquely in the way YOU want to live it. That is how you’re designed to make the contribution you’re so driven to make – by living out your authentic direction in life.

If you have a lot of worries of what others think of you it’s crucial for you to do the work to release this so you can give humanity the gift of being you.

When you’re worried what other people think, you won’t be living out your path and making your contribution which is not going to feel good to you! You have a drive to make a difference. (And in case I wasn’t clear 😉, you do that by BEING yourself.)

Pay attention to your tone of voice and how you sound, it’s a big part of how you communicate.

Whenever you have the Identity or G centre connecting directly to your throat, it’s a pretty vulnerable configuration to share directly from your soul.

…remember that experience you had when you were younger and you shared something vulnerable and people didn’t get it… or they laughed.. or you got in trouble? Heal that connection to sharing your voice.

You’re not designed to be for everyone (no one is!), not everyone is going to be on your wavelength. Not everyone is going to like how you live your life. That’s FINE – they’re just not your people.

1 – 8 Affirmations

I make a meaningful contribution to the world through my unique self-expression.

I have the courage to march to the beat of my own drum.

I make an impact by living out my unique path.

The more freely I can express myself, the more I empower others to be free.

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