Gate 55 in Human Design

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Gate 55
Gate 55: Abundance

Are you willing to surrender?⁠

This gate is a little less concrete and a little more esoteric than some.⁠

You are DESIGNED to trust the universe, source, abundance and take leaps of faith.⁠

You’re designed to surrender to the flow of what’s meant for you.⁠

You are designed to have a role in this lifetime to move us away from scarcity, zero sum mentality and towards trusting source.⁠

But are you willing to surrender?⁠

Are you willing to have faith?⁠

Are you willing to trust that you are fully supported?⁠

These are questions you get to experiment with and answer for yourself.⁠

This gate is the energy of alchemy – when you are willing to release control and surrender, you’re designed to received abundance.⁠

When we talk about abundance in this gate, we’re talking about abundance in all forms, especially about consciousness and awareness that spirit and source are what provides abundance for us. (And that burnout-inducing hard word are not the only path).⁠

The more awareness you have, the more abundance you experience.⁠

This gate has a tendency to be moody, dramatic, melancholic.⁠

Are you willing to trust that you can receive even while moody?⁠

Are you willing to trust that even when you feel low it won’t be for always, and there is so much good out there for you?⁠

Are you willing to enjoy the dramatic ups and downs you may experience as a part of this incredible life experience instead of making it mean you’re doing something wrong?⁠

There’s a tendency in this gate to have challenges with lack consciousness – if you feel like there is never enough time, money, energy etc – I would absolutely recommend you put some time and attention into changing those beliefs.⁠

Keep an eye out for my next reel on my favourite resources that haven helped me shift out of my lack mentality.⁠

Gate 55 Themes:

I’Ching Name: Abundance

Zodiac: Pisces

Circuit: Individual [this energy is meant to first empower you, so you can then empower others]

Channel: 39-55 Emoting

Gate 55 Themes

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