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The Throat Center

The Throat Center in Human Design

Themes of the Throat: Getting energy to the throat is the name of the game in HD because this is the centre for deliberate action and communication Words have the power to manifest Our Throat is related to our thyroid, when we are using our energy correctly for our design we are generally healthy, when […]


Hi Gorgeous, I’m Katie!

Human Design Advisor

Success Coach, 2/4 Emotional Manifestor, and the founder of HD School. When I discovered Human Design years ago, it resonated with me on such a deep level, I wanted to know everything!

But wow, it was hard to find information that made any sense. Just trying to understand the basic terms made my head spin some days.

Here you will find a well organized, easy to process dive into your Human Design system so that you can become the happiest, most confident, successful version of yourself.

What is Human Design?

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