The Throat Center in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

The Throat Center

Themes of the Throat:

  • Getting energy to the throat is the name of the game in HD because this is the centre for deliberate action and communication
  • Words have the power to manifest
  • Our Throat is related to our thyroid, when we are using our energy correctly for our design we are generally healthy, when we use our energy incorrectly we create burnout and illness
  • We tend to put pressure on ourselves to speak and act at the wrong time, when we trust our Strategy & Authority the timing will be right and things will manifest more easily

Defined Throat

  • What we are designed to speak about is determined by the centres that our throat is connected to and the gates we have defined
  • When you have the throat connected to a motor there’s an urge to be too impulsive, talk too much or do too much
  • You’re designed to speak, but to be heard, follow your S&A
  • You energize undefined throats and sometimes people will verbally dump all of their communication on you – create boundaries if this continually happens 
  • You can help undefined throats manifest by asking them lots of questions about what they’re creating – the details of it, how they want to feel, what they’re most excited about etc
  • You speak and act based on what your throat is connected to…
  • The Mind – what you’re thinking about, analyzing, conceptualizing, learning
  • The Heart – “I” – what I want, I have, I do, you’re meant to talk about yourself and be selfish to a degree
  • The G – who you are at a soul level, identity, direction, love 
  • The Solar Plexus – feelings and emotions
  • The Spleen – intuitive knowing in the now, moment to moment
  • The Sacral – what your Sacral responds to 

Undefined Throat

  • You’re here to be wise about communication and action
  • You can vary your communication style to meet the needs of your audience
  • There’s a tendency to feel invisible or not heard so the undefined Throat can do inappropriate/out of character things to get attention
  • Can be a great communicator and use your voice in many ways – signers, speakers, actors etc
  • You’re not meant to force manifestations, this causes burnout – trust your S&A to take care of your energy and thyroid
  • If you wait, invitations to act and speak will be offered to you 
  • Can feel out of control when you talk or like nothing you say makes sense/you feel like you can’t quite get the words out or are being confusing
  • Can spend a lot of energy trying to figure out what to say next instead of being present in the conversation
  • You will be noticed more the less you succumb to the pressure to speak and when you respond to an invitation to speak, you’ll be heard better 

Open Throat

  • This is a very rare configuration because the Throat has the most gates and therefore potential activations out of all the centres
  • Sometimes the completely open Throat can feel at a loss for words, like they have no idea how to be a part of the communication
  • The more comfortable you are with the variability of your voice and action-taking, the healthier your body will be

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open Throat

  • You’re here to be wise about communication and manifestation
  • You can see when others are trying to force things to happen and when they’re risking their wellbeing to create an output/be heard
  • You can amplify the voices around you and speak or advocate for those who aren’t being heard
  • You can have a deep understanding that listening is often more powerful than speaking 

A Note for All Throats

  • We all speak better and are heard better when we follow our Strategy and Authority
  • Regardless of definition, no one voice is meant for everyone
  • If you find you’re not being heard and you’re trying to force communication, you may just be speaking to the wrong audience
  • When we follow our S&A, we can relax and enjoy communication, free from pressure and tension
  • The more we all learn to be comfortable with silence, the more space we create for meaningful words instead of constant ‘filler’

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