The G Center / Self / Identity in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

The G Center

Themes of the G: (also called the Ji, Self or Identity Centre)

  • The G is my go-to centre for all things attraction/manifestation
  • We attract through the energy of love
  • It houses our magnetic monopole – it draws us into a body and draws life towards us
  • Associated with our liver and reincarnation
  • We are designed to love ourselves and attract life to us
  • The MM holds our Personality and Design Crystals together which creates our unique self

Defined G

  • Relatively fixed life direction
  • Core identity of who you are
  • You are not meant to take on or merge with someone else’s direction – stay on your path
  • Desires and directions will be less varied or operate on a similar theme
  • You have a sense of your correct direction in life and can naturally help others find their direction
  • Not everyone is designed to go the way you’re going, it’s important to allow each person to have their own direction
  • Following your own path is essential to your happiness in life
  • If you allow the expectations or opinions of others take you from your path, you end up disconnecting from real love, both from yourself and the world around youĀ 
  • If your G is defined, and you don’t resonate with feeling secure in your lovability and direction in life, it’s likely because you’ve allowed others to take you off your own path
  • Deconditioning your centres, following your S&A and working to move to the high expression of your G gates will help get you back on your path – if you need help with this, send me a DM šŸ™‚

Undefined G

  • You’re not designed to have a fixed identity and that’s 100% completely perfect for you
  • Your personality and direction in life knows no limits or boundaries – possibilities are endless
  • You take in and amplify the identities of people around you so be mindful of which identities you’re taking on – I find this is also the case for TV/books/ media characters you consume, so consume wisely
  • I find this centre can be ‘confused’ with empathy and I think it’s another layer of empathy to experience someone else’s identity, not just their emotions, it’s their experiences, joys, wounds pain, energy – everything!
  • Tendency to question your lovability and direction
  • You can easily fall in love with anyone and everyone’s potential, which is beautiful to hold space for others to grow but can be tricky for relationships, make sure you’re ok with who the person is now, not who you think they could become (.. one day.. hopefully..)
  • Your physical environment including your geography massively affects you (consider looking into astrocartography or feng shui if things feel off)
  • When you’re in a relationship with a Defined G, it’s best for you to choose your location because you’re more impacted

Open G

  • Your personality has no limits and you have unlimited possibilities for direction
  • You are vulnerable to being manipulated by others who have a strong sense of direction
  • If you allow others to dictate your direction in life, you will not be able to live out your highest potential
  • You can be tempted to look to others for proof that you are loveableĀ 
  • Following your Strategy & Authority will get you back on track if you’re off your path

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open G

  • You take in love in many forms and can deeply understand loveĀ 
  • You have a strong ability to help others see their lovability and direction
  • You can help people to understand what they’re here for and are passionate about in lifeĀ 
  • You can know if the place you or others are in (geography and environment) is correct for your or their needs

Magnetic Monopole

  • The G Centre is said to house the Magnetic Monopole (MM for short)
  • the MM is essentially a one-sided magnet that is meant to only attract
  • Everything else exists in duality or binary in HD except for the MM
  • The MM will attract everything we need to live out our path – abundance, opportunities, love, support… or the lessons we need to learn to eventually experience those energies
  • Look at the gates in the G centre (defined or not) and move to the high expression of them to experience more of the good and less of the “lessons”Ā 

A Note on Separation

  • HD says that before our incarnation, our Design Crystal (located in the Ajna) and Magnetic Monopole (located in the G) were one
  • As our bodies formed, the two parts separated which left us feeling like we were missing something
  • This created our lifelong search of looking for love and direction outside of ourselves
  • But everything has been inside of us the whole time and we only need to surrender to the direction of our body (using Strategy & Authority) to experience the oneness and love that the world has to offer

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