The Mind Ajna Center in Human Design

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The Ajna Center

Themes of the Ajna: (also called the Mind – pronounced ah-zh-na)

  • The Ajna is an interpreter or transformer of the pressure and information received from the Head
  • Your Ajna will work hard to produce many options and guidance when making decisions – don’t listen to them! Your power lies in your authority, not listening to the mind
  • Mental anxiety and the fear of not knowing something or being misunderstood – this either drives us to understand and learn (good!) or creates more and more anxiety (not ideal)
  • Our Ajna is designed to engage in possibility

Defined Ajna

  • Defined Ajna’s are actually the minority
  • Information tends to go in and stick in your mind forever
  • There’s a fixed way of thinking or processing information/data/beliefs – it’s like you filter everything through your own lens
  • Your mind is not easily influenced by others
  • Your energy creates pressure in others to think, understand beliefs and feel certain
  • Your Ajna can be an outer authority for others, but it not meant for you to make decisions from
  • Tendency to want to make mind-based decisions – followed by frustration or feelings of inadequacy when it’s hard to follow through on decisions the mind made
  • You broadcast your beliefs, thoughts, answers, opinions etc to the world around you
  • Your mind is always on and constantly thinking
  • While you generally enjoy mental stimulation, you can become obsessive about decisions when the mind is trying to be in control, ruminating over things or past decisions when it’s no longer a useful place to spend your energy

Undefined Ajna

  • You are wide open to ideas, beliefs and concepts – you have the ability to enjoy all aspects and the potential wisdom to know which have real value
  • You take in and amplify ideas, thoughts, concepts and beliefs so be mindful of the information you consume
  • You feel pressure to be certain and struggle to achieve certainty, but that is not the purpose of the undefined Ajna
  • The purpose is to engage in possibility, it’s not where you’re meant to figure things out
  • Relax if you have a hard time holding onto fixed beliefs/concepts (especially when manifesting when we’ve been told we have to do this)
  • You’re likely to experience massive shifts in beliefs throughout your life – if you grew up surrounded by specific beliefs (where you take in and employ them) and then left home, you’re likely to be very open to many new perspectives and completely change your beliefs
  • Be aware of when your beliefs change – did you change environments, are you around new people? Your changing beliefs aren’t a bad thing – and they can feel confusing and you may be tempted to pressure yourself to be certain about your beliefs, this is the low expression – your open- mindedness is a gift, just be aware of it and what’s influencing you

Open Ajna

  • You’ve been gifted with a completely open mind and incredible wisdom
  • You’ve also been given a challenge of uncertainty, not knowing what to think, how to think, who to believe
  • You don’t have a fixed or reliable was of processing information which can feel overwhelming at times
  • You can enjoy your open Ajna and the many subjects and beliefs it’s able to entertain
  • Make sure to listen to your authority when it comes to making decisions

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open Ajna

  • You are wide open to ideas, beliefs and concepts – you can enjoy all aspects and the potential wisdom to know which have real value
  • You have a gift of being able to understand the varied perspectives that exist in our world
  • When you can enjoy the perspectives without getting attached to them, you can access your highest wisdom and understanding

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