The Heart / Will / Ego Center in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

The Heart Center

Themes of the Heart: (also called the Will or Ego centre)

  • We can endure or hold on through whatever needs to happen for the greater good of the whole
  • You are just one piece of the puzzle of humanity, and your ego is here to get you to be the very best piece you can be to serve the greatest good
  • The Heart is mostly tribal, it speaks and acts for the tribe (not the Individual or Collective)
  • We receive material support in relation to how much we value ourselves and our place in the world

Defined Heart

  • From an HD perspective, you are in the minority that actually have willpower (even if you don’t think so – check my highlight called Willpower
  • You’re here to empower others 
  • You like to be in control of yourself and resources -your style, your workplace, how your time is spent etc
  • People sometimes think you’ve promised or agreed to things when you haven’t – be very clear in your communication
  • In the high expression, you have no problem making and keeping your promises 
  • It’s important that you do what you say you will, it strengthens your self esteem
  • Defined Hearts prefer to be their own boss so they can follow their own instincts around when to work and rest 
  • Suppressing your natural ego energy can be bad for your health, don’t let others stop you from your true expression
  • You happily use your willpower to provide for your tribe, and want to be appreciated for it 
  • Easy to get carried away and not take a break
  • Can place unrealistic expectations on undefined Heart centres or try and push them beyond their capacity 
  • Can push and take ‘incorrect’ action or push through things that don’t feel right 
  • Needs rest – at least 2 days off a week (actually off, needs real rest, not fake rest) to maintain integrity in your body/mind/health etc 
  • Potential for selfishness and selflessness – find your balance between the two
  • Especially if the Heart is connected to your throat, you’re designed to talk about yourself

Undefined Heart

  • Here to be wise about what’s truly valuable in life
  • Theme of trying to prove your worth
  • Can get into a negative self-esteem spiral of trying to prove your worth by promising beyond your capacity, failing and then repeating the cycle
  • Tendency to be over-achieving to compensate for your fear of lack of will
  • Can amplify the willpower of a defined Heart for short periods
  • Tendency to undervalue your work/services
  • Can feel unworthy of love, money, happiness
  • Check your motivation – are you doing things to prove something to others? If so, take a step back and evaluate if this is really important 
  • Remind yourself always, that you have nothing to prove, you are worthy (we all are)

Open Heart

  • You step into your wisdom about integrity, trusting others, the use of money, ego and power when you realize you don’t have anything to prove
  • Without any gates to process the will energy, the open Heart does not initially have a solid understanding of worthiness, or how to achieve it 
  • If not using your authority/living your design, you can swing between having an exaggerated ego or sense of self to having no self-worth at all 

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open Heart

  • You’re here to be truly wise about worthiness and what’s valuable in life 
  • You’re able to sense other’s self-esteem and sense of worthiness  
  • You can understand who is over-compensating and who can deliver on the promises they’ve made
  • You’re clear that you’re not here to compete with anyone 
  • You’re strong in your foundation of inherent worthiness and don’t feel a need to prove your value
  • You know that you’re worthy of money just by being, not through hard work

A Note on “Proving Your Worth”

  • The Heart centre represents the stomach (among other organs) and many digestive issues are tied to low self worth/self esteem
  • Over-achieving, making promises you can’t keep and pushing beyond your capacity to work are signs you’re trying to prove your worth (at the expense of your well-being) 
  • Integrity is connected to self-esteem – when you only agree to what you will actually do, and follow through, you increase self-esteem – the opposite degrades it 
  • You have nothing to prove to anyone

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