The Root Center in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

The Root is a centre for pressure, adrenaline and stress

The Root tells us:

  • Stress is just fuel meant to move us forward when used correctly
  • If we don’t understand pressure, we push ourselves too hard
  • If we turn pressure inward we can become depressed
  • A healthy balance of stress actually brings us to joy

Defined Root

  • It’s like a regulator that pulses energy on and off – the pulses tell you when things feel right and it’s time to act
  • It has a fixed way of dealing with the pressure to move forward
  • It has a fixed way of dealing with stress
  • When Root and Solar Plexus are connected, if your mood is down, so is your energy and it can be difficult to do anything (even get out of bed)
  • When Root and Spleen are connected, if the timing isn’t right, there’s no energy
  • The defined root naturally exerts pressure on others 
  • When the pressure you usually know how to work with becomes too much or you’re not using your S&A you can become obsessive
  • You tend to project the excess stress onto others, which often looks like having unreasonable expectations of them 
  • When using your S&A, you excel with the right pressure, challenge and stress

Undefined Root **plays Under Pressure by Queen**

  • The undefined root is under pressure
  • You take in stress, adrenaline, pressure and amplify it
  • Pressure is uncomfortable for you, you’re always in a hurry to cross everything off your to-do list so you can finally relax… 
  • But the to-do list never ends, so you’ll push yourself until burnout unless you learn to create boundaries yourself
  • You may also rush to finish tasks and not really do your best work because you just want to be done
  • Can be addicted to adrenaline
  • Can be addicted to (and sensitive to) caffeine

Open Root

  • Can operate on an auto-pilot of pressure and mental decisions that take you out of alignment
  • Open roots don’t naturally know how to use pressure productively
  • Your system is not meant to operate under long periods of pressure
  • May deal with extreme stress, panic attacks and extreme stage fright
  • Hint: use your strategy & authority!

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open Root

  • You can truly be wise about rest
  • You can be wise around boundaries, relaxation and free time
  • You can trust and know that you don’t need to hustle or always be busy to be successful or joyful
  • You can be wise about the energy of pressure – when it’s being used effectively and when it’s not

Format Energy

Format Energy

  • 53 – abstract format energy -pressure to get started, a cyclical way of living with clear beginnings, middles and endings
  • 60 – individual format energy – pressure to transcend limitations with powerful bursts of evolutionary (mutative) energy
  • 52 – logical format energy – the pressure to concentrate, focus and live in a detailed, sequential, organized way 

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