The Sacral Center in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

The Sacral Center

Themes of the Sacral:

  • Strongest and only sustainable motor in HD
  • When you force yourself to do things that aren’t meant for you, your capacity/energy deteriorates and creates burnout
  • When we honour our inner guidance system, we have power and create more energy
  • If you have this centre defined you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, together making up 70% of the population

Defined Sacral

  • You’ve been gifted a massive amount of power and energy (if it doesn’t feel like it, check out my post on generator burnout)
  • You’re here to find satisfaction using up the energy in your Sacral every day by doing “work” that lights you up
  • The power of your Sacral turns on when you respond to something in the world outside of yourself (not in your head)
  • You are meant to honour your truth (listen to your sacral guidance)
  • You’re gifted with a boundary every time your Sacral responds no – respect it!
  • If your Sacral says no and  you commit to the situation anyways, this wears away your energy and capacity over time and creatives massive frustration
  • It’s difficult for you to follow through with commitments that you responded no to and can make you feel flaky – when your Sacral responds yes, you will have the energy to follow through
  • It’s important for you to use up your energy & go to bed when you’re tired, if you have a “second wind,” you’ve pushed too far

Undefined Sacral

  • As only 30% of the population, you’re not meant to work like most (and some would say, you’re not meant to work at all!)
  • You take in the Sacral energy that most people have and amplify it – while it’s okay do to this for short periods, you don’t want to rely on this borrowed energy & exhaust yourself
  • There’s a theme of not knowing when enough is enough – sort of like your ‘low fuel’ light on your car isn’t there and it’s hard for you to notice when you’re out of fuel until you’re stranded on the side of the highway – yikes!
  • You don’t have built-in boundaries around energy, so it’s easy for you to burnout, work too much, stay up way too late, push back taking breaks etc
  • Pushing through your exhaustion creates burnout and is no good for your health – make it a priority in your life to notice when ‘enough is enough’ – it may not be natural for you, but gets easier with practice
  • You can have varied sexual experiences because you take in & amplify the sexual energy of others and don’t have built-in boundaries here (use your own authority to know what’s right for you!)
  • It’s important for you to go to bed and lie down to relax and discharge your energy before it’s time to actually sleep in order to can a good rest

Open Sacral

  • The energy of a completely open Sacral can feel scattered and you may have a difficult time knowing what to do or what to use your energy for
  • It’s very easy to exhaust yourself to the point of burnout frequently if you’re not paying close attention to your energy levels
  • There’s a potential for wisdom of the purpose of life force energy and humanity (the founder of HD, Ra Uru Hu had a completely open Sacral)

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open Sacral

  • You’re here to be wise about boundaries, work and rest 
  • You can truly know that money and success don’t come from working the hardest, we’re designed to be supported
  • You have the capacity for wisdom to listen to your body and respect your flow of energy that works in spurts and needs plenty of rest

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