The Emotional Solar Plexus Center in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

The Solar Plexus Center

Themes of the Emotional Solar Plexus:

  • Our emotional wellness affects our physical wellness
  • We’re meant to move towards pleasure
  • About 50% of us have emotional definition, the other 50% of us take in an amplify emotions
  • Emotions operate in waves, they’re not meant to be steady and even all the time and we’re not meant to BE the wave, rather observe it and wait for clarity over time

Defined Solar Plexus

  • If you have this defined, it is automatically your authority and you are meant to make decisions over time (not spontaneously)
  • You have an emotional wave, your emotions are meant to go up and down and you’re meant to wait to make big decisions until you come to a place of clarity
  • When you don’t wait for clarity, you can create chaos and confusion in your life
  • The idea that you’re meant to be even and happy all the time isn’t based in reality, there is nothing wrong with you if you have high’s and low’s, you’re actually meant to
  • It’s crucial for you to build an awareness of your wave and notice when you’re high or low
  • Having an emotional wave is not an excuse to blow up at people or be a jerk 😉 
  • You broadcast emotions to those around you so pay attention to what you’re broadcasting
  • Learn helpful ways for you to channel and process your emotions
  • The longer you resist the low part of your wave, the longer it tends to stay – be at peace with the lows and take it as a time for inner creativity or rest
  • This centre is also a motor so your energy and drive can go up or down based on your emotions – use those creative energy surges when you have them and rest when you don’t

Undefined Solar Plexus

  • You are a true empath, you take in and amplify the emotions of those with defined SP’s around you (and there’s a lot of them around)
  • If emotions are water, when you’re unaware, you can absorb the emotions of others like a sponge. Ideally, let the emotions pass through you like a strainer – you can feel the emotions (water) but don’t hold onto them
  • You may have a tendency to people please because you feel other’s feelings so deeply, you try to manage their emotions so you don’t experience their sadness, disappointment, anger etc (*Reminder* it’s not your job to manage anyone’s emotions except your own!)
  • OR you may create drama in your life if you grew up around of a lot of emotional energy when you’re bored or feeling kinda empty
  • When you experience strong emotions, take space away from the source of the emotion and let it dissipate (give yourself at least 15 mins) 
  • Energy clearing practices are really important for everyone, but especially open SPs  to let go of emotions that aren’t yours
  • You may feel confused that you’re “not emotional” because you feel SO emotional sometimes, due to you amplifying the emotional energy of others and the world around you

Open Solar Plexus

  • As usual, most of what’s said for the undefined Solar Plexus also applies here
  • You may feel confused and overwhelmed by emotions because there are no gates active to filter the emotional energy coming into your system
  • It can feel difficult to clearly understand or identify with the emotions of others 
  • You might feel like something is wrong with you emotionally when in reality you have the ability to understand the emotional waves purely without any conditions of yours getting in the way

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open SP

  • You’re here to be truly empathic (and there are other centres that create the experience of empathy, too)
  • You can see and understand emotional wellness in others
  • You’re able to see and reflect the emotions of others back to them when they may not be allowing themselves to fully feel their own emotions
  • You’re truly unlimited in the emotions you can experience from others

Important Reminders

  • Nothing is wrong with you for feeling emotions
  • Nothing is wrong with you for having ups and downs
  • Nothing is wrong with you for not feeling happy all the time
  • Nothing is wrong with you if you have trouble identifying your emotions
  • Nothing is wrong with you if you have trouble expressing your emotions
  • You are NOT too sensitive
  • Emotions are beautiful
  • Nothing is wrong with you!

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