The Spleen Center in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

The Spleen Center

Themes of the Spleen Centre:

  • Survival and instinct is in the now – if it’s a life and death matter, you don’t have the luxury of time or waiting for awareness – there’s only now
  • It’s our oldest awareness centre, it’s intuitive and body based (not mind based)
  • Our senses – smell, taste, hearing, sight, touch, etc let us know when it’s safe or not so we can survive
  • Intuition speaks once, quietly, and because it’s time specific, the Spleen does not repeat itself

Defined Spleen

  • Spontaneous & highly intuitive
  • Can light up a room because of the Spleen’s radiating, good feeling
  • Alert/watchful and healer vibes
  • Designed to really pay attention to your senses – your ‘warning signals’ don’t necessarily mean danger, they just mean something doesn’t fit with your nature
  • Wrong environments can lead to sickness and low energy
  • There can be a tendency for fear because your survival mechanism is always on
  • You have a strong immune system – if you’re sick all the time its because you’re ignoring your senses
  • Tendency to get really sick because you ignore the first 17 signs that something is off and don’t see a doctor until it’s bad **very guilty of this of myself**
  • The defined Spleen projects a sense of wellbeing that open/undefined Spleens like to be around
  • Your body’s knowing is here to guide and protect you
  • If you consistently let your mind override the knowing of the Spleen, you become out of touch with your natural instincts and intuition which can put you at risk for health issues, unhappiness and suffering

Undefined Spleen

  • Can have a very fluid connection to the time/space continuum – meaning you never have a clue what time it is and are always late or you over-compensate and are hyper vigilant about time 
  • Can be highly intuitive but you think you’re not because you experience it in so many different ways which can make it difficult to interpret
  • Can be medically empathic – sense and feel other people’s physical health and wellness/take on the symptoms of others

Open Spleen

  • Feel good centre so it wants to hold on to energy, circumstances, people, belongings, etc, because it’s afraid if it lets go of things it won’t have what it needs to live and survive 
  • Ask yourself: am I holding onto things for longer than I should?
  • You have a sensitive immune system – can respond better to gentler, alternative methods instead of more intense Western medicine (which there absolutely is a time and a place for **this is not medical advice, I am very clearly, not a doctor**)
  • Takes in and amplifies fear which can be paralyzing – taking action will break you out of fear
  • When defined Spleens are around, you feel better and safer – not always a good thing, you can cling to them
  • You’re not meant to make spontaneous decisions – always follow your own authority
  • In it’s low expression, it’s attracted to spontaneity – attempting to feel good and make fears go away
  • The open Spleen can have difficulty regulating fear – going from one extreme of being overly fearful of everything to the other extreme of having no fears – not even the healthy ones that help us survive or keep us from doing harmful things
  • Can be medically empathic – sensing the well-being and imbalances in others 
  • Highly tuned into the natural laws and values that promote the well-being and growth of a healthy collective 

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open Spleen

  • Can understand the difference of what they need to take care of for their own well-being versus the well-being from the environment around them that needs tending to 
  • Wisdom of intuition, how it works, who has access to theirs, the various forms
  • Great energy for healers, can feel what’s out of balance in others, providing you’re not identifying with the health problems of the other person/environment

Fears of the Spleen

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