The Head Center in Human Design

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The Head Center in Human Design

Themes of the Head: (also called the Crown)

  • Most of our mental processes take place below our level of consciousness and filtered through past experience
  • Our head pressures us to make sense of the world, seek answers and ask question
  • Our task is to release our mind from running our life and let it focus on what’s actually important to us and humanity as a whole
  • Our Head is meant to be a source of wisdom and inspiration, not a decision making machine
  • Unreleased mental pressure leads to headaches

Defined Head

  • Only 30% of people have defined Heads
  • There is consistent pressure to ask and answer questions and to know the unknowable
  • If you’re head is defined, you must also have a defined Ajna will creates a fixed way of thinking
  • Your energy will put pressure on open Heads to think – you broadcast your thoughts, ideas and inspiration to those around you
  • You are not meant to manifest your thoughts directly (the head does not directly connect to a motor) thoughts are only meant to be ‘thunk’ 😉
  • Your strategy and authority will let you know what inspiration and ideas are meant for you to bring to the world and when it’s the right time to do them
  • Due to the mental pressure you are under to create and realize your inspiration, this often leads to quick or haphazard action which results in haphazard results creative anxiety and self-doubt
  • You are a force of inspiration on our planet – this doesn’t mean you have to DO all the things
  • Experiment with asking questions to the Universe and letting the answers come to you, it’s not your job to force the answers

Undefined Head

  • You are under pressure to figure things out and know the answers
  • Your mind is meant to engage in possibility, question and imagine – not know the answers
  • You can get wrapped up in thinking about things that don’t matter and lost in your own self-talk
  • The not-self function of the head, with its endless questions and chatter, only create anxiety and lead you aware from alignment with your design
  • It’s easy for you to experience overwhelm, doubt and confusion that likely isn’t even your own
  • You may feel like it’s your job to solve everyone else’s problems or like you always need to know every possible answer
  • Anyone else rehearse conversations and every possible variation the conversation could take before you have it to make sure you have every possible answer?
  • Your mental health relies on using your strategy & authority, not succumbing to mental pressure
  • It’s essential for you to practice mindfulness in some capacity so you can be the observer of your thoughts instead of being wrapped up in them
  • Allow yourself to be open to inspiration for inspiration’s sake
  • Enjoy inspiration and experience it without feeling pressured to act on it or figure out how to make it happen

Open Head

  • There is no consistent way of thinking about things or engaging with inspiration
  • It can feel confusing and overwhelming in our current time of endless information to know what the heck to focus on
  • It’s easy to be distracted by things that don’t matter
  • You may avoid anything intellectual at all or let others tell you what is important or meaningful instead of relying on your own authority
  • Learn to release the mental pressure to know all the answers and to use your S&A to guide you
  • You have a gift of seeing who is using their Head centres effectively and may be open enough to pick up on the thoughts of those around you

Wisdom of the Undefined/Open Head

  • You’re here to wise about inspiration and ideas
  • You have potential to explore the mysteries of life and consciousness itself
  • You have an infinite range of intellectual possibilities
  • You are open to awe, wonder, ideas, inspiration, insights and new ways humanity to evolve
  • You can discern who and what is confusing or who is truly inspiring and has ideas worth moving forward with

The Gates of Madness in Human Design:

When you are on a mission to find an answer and you can’t embrace the process of thinking or are attached to an outcome, it can create unhealthy outcomes.

Gates of the Head

Gate 63 – confusion happens when you put pressure on yourself to know the answer. Understand that the picture is often revealed in chunks that aren’t linear or sequential, this energy isn’t logical – trust that the answer will come.

Gate 61 – WHY – is the unanswerable question this gate asks and there is no forcing an answer – release the need to know why and connect to a state of wonder and awe.

Gate 63 – Designed to be doubtful and suspicious of information, like a scientist. You are not meant to be doubtful and suspicious of yourself. Release that.

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