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Manifestors are liars? Learn why I say that (and what to do about it), how essential deep rest is for manis as well as uninterrupted creative flow. We get more into Manifestor energy, their fears, needs, wants and talk about Manifestors in the context of health, sleep and work.

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Hello, are you ready for manifestors part two. In the last episode, we got into the core parts of being a manifestor, and today we are going to get right into it with manifestors needs for deep rest, the uninterrupted creative flow, secret strategies, or why manifestors are liars. Sorry, but you’ll understand what I’m talking about in the episode. Fears, needs, health and work as well as sleep. For manifestors, I’ve received so many emails and DMS already from other manifestors sharing their experiences, which is so fun to get to know you all better. So don’t be shy if something resonates and you want to send me a DM on Instagram, I’m at sort of spiritual with periods in between the words, the link is in the show notes below. And as you’re listening to this, I should have just landed in Paris. I wasn’t even planning on coming here. Initially. I booked a trip elsewhere. I had the urge like book this trip for so long and I finally let myself do it. And the flight stopped over in Paris on the way home and the urge to spend some time in Paris was too strong to ignore. I have absolutely no plans there other than to soak in some of the beauty of the city and eat, anything and everything made with French butter. It is so good, apparently it’s made with the higher fat content, I don’t know, whatever it is so delicious, but back to the episode, you know, that I like to make cheat sheets for you. So you can download the manifestor cheat sheet at but I won’t make you wait any longer. We’re diving right in. So on that theme of burnout manifestors need a lot of rest. And if you don’t have that, if your schedule is packed, if you’re doing a ton of different things, it’s going to be so difficult for you to get these urges and then you’re not going to be able to initiate properly. And then you won’t really get the experience of peace or what it is to be a healthy manifestor. Giving yourself the space for rest, for play for time off is really going to serve you as a manifestor. And I know it can be so difficult. I still sometimes get caught up in this trap of doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, and I always feel so much better when I rest. I get so many more urges when I rest I’m so much more aligned when I rest. So again, something to experiment with that you might actually be far more productive and far more aligned when you do less than trying to get it all done by yourself and just doing more all the time. Okay. So let’s talk about this idea of creative flow a little bit. Manifestors really need uninterrupted creative flow. So having these big chunks of time to do as you please to bring the urges, to create and to impact in the way that you want to have an impact. And there is often so much anger when manifestors are interrupted. I just want to highlight that it’s uninterrupted creative flow. Creating space for you to have that is so essential for manifestors. I remember at the beginning of the pandemic, I moved in with my partner and when I first moved in with him, he would interrupt me all the time and not intentionally, you know, we lived in a small space in Toronto, in a condo. And I would just be about to start doing something. I had been thinking about this for the past hour. Not informing him, mind you, but thinking about like, okay, I’m going to start cooking this at this time. And 30 seconds before I was about to get up and start doing something, he’d be like, okay, I’m going to go take a nap. Like, do you mind not making any noise for the next little bit? And I would feel like I’m gonna lose my mind and in this condo setup, the kitchen was really close to the bed. So you’re going to hear the noise and I would get so angry and it wasn’t his fault. I didn’t inform him that that’s what I was going to do, but because my energy was like about to do this thing. And then all of a sudden I’m interrupted and just like cut off. It would drive me crazy. And so informing would have been very helpful here, right? Because I knew that I wanted to do this thing. And if I told him I was going to do that either an hour ago, he would have told me, oh, I’m actually in take a nap at this time. Or he would have known that I was about to start making noise and he would have scheduled his day a little bit differently. And so it might seem silly when I’m talking about cooking something and uninterrupted creative flow, but it really is something that manifestors experience. It’s not just with work. It’s like you get in the zone with certain things. It might be cooking. It might be creating, it might look to other people like you’re doing nothing. And the informing piece is going to be so helpful as is creating space for you to just do your own thing, to have that uninterrupted creative flow so that your energy can really move. I also find that it can be really uncomfortable sometimes when I’m coming off a creative flow or when I have a really intense creative flow, because I often can’t sleep. I don’t eat, I don’t focus on anything else. And I just like, go, go, go, go, go on whatever it is that I’m doing. And I have a lot of shoulds like, oh, I shouldn’t be doing this and I should do this differently. And I shouldn’t be up this late, but often for me, for whatever reason, these creative flows don’t hit me until like nine o’clock at night. And sometimes I’ll be up until four in the morning doing something. Previously I would still force myself to go to bed at the regular time. And I still wouldn’t be able to sleep. And my mind would still be going a million miles a minute on this thing that I want to be doing, but I wouldn’t let myself. And these are very cool, like magical, energetic times when you really tap into the uninterrupted creative flow. And I really do my best work when I’m in those zones. And again, this idea of manifestors having freedom and having flexibility in their schedule is so helpful so that when you do have these creative times, you can go with them instead of forcing yourself to stick to a schedule all the time. I remember when I was first building my business and there was often all this talk of like how you can work on your business for just like 45 minutes a day. And you could do like a 15 minute chunk here and a 15 minute chunk there and a 15 minute chunk there. And like, no one can say that they don’t have the time to do this. And I used to think there was something so wrong with me, that I couldn’t just sit down and work at something for 15 minutes and then move on. But understanding that uninterrupted creative flow thing is so helpful where it’s like some days I’m going to work 14 hours straight and barely take any breaks. And some days I’m not going to work that much, but trying to just consistently put these little chunks in there feels very, very difficult for my manifestor energy. And so if that’s something that you also relate to give yourself a space in your schedule to create in a way that actually works well for your energy. Okay. So this next part about manifestors, I’m going to borrow a term that I’ve heard Karen Curry use before, which is secret strategies. So manifestors often have secret strategies. And basically what this means is that manifestors are liars. As a manifestor and a previous liar, I can certainly attest to this. I find it funny because when I come across manifestors and I bring up this concept of secret strategies, they get, this like deer in the headlights, like, oh my God, I’ve been caught. You know what I’m doing. And I do know and generally the idea behind manifestor lying, it’s not malicious it’s that you don’t want other people to stop you. So manifestors, like I said, were often the most conditioned type and we have this entire history of being told you can’t do this, you can’t do this, you can’t do this. So you learn to not tell people things so that they don’t try and stop you. They’re not lying to hurt other people. They’re just so tired of people questioning them, of people, not understanding them, uh, people telling them that they can’t do things so they lie or they leave out information or they leave out details. And it’s often about really silly things. Like in my previous relationship, I would often lie about going to the mall and sometimes you just feel like wondering around some stores for a little bit, seeing what cute stuff they have there. Right. And my partner didn’t get it. And so instead of telling him that I was going to go just like wander around the stores for a couple of hours, I would tell him that I was going to go grocery shopping. And then like four hours later, I would come back with barely any groceries. And he would be like, what the heck? Where were you? Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be gone so long and he would be angry at me. And to me, that’s just like such a perfect example of the manifestor secret strategies or manifestors lying because it’s, again, not from a place of being malicious, but it’s just like, I just want to live my life. You know, I just want to do my own thing. And as I got into my current relationship. I told my partner like three weeks into us dating Hey, I need you to know that I’m a liar. And I don’t want to do that in this relationship. Because like I said, I’m not lying about big things, but I’m lying because I don’t want you to stop me from doing something that I want to do. And I’ve learned my whole life that it’s easier to just not tell you what I want than it is for me to have to explain myself. So if you think I’m lying or if you think I’m not telling you something, I need you to call me out on this. And you might be feeling as a manifestor like this is pointless or that you really don’t need to because it’s not a big deal. And people just don’t really need to know, but it is exhausting. Lying is exhausting. It eats away at your energy. It eats away at your integrity. It creates a resistance overall in your life. And it really deteriorates intimacy in relationships because every time you decide that it’s easier to lie or to leave something out than it is to share your whole self with that person. It’s like you’re taking a step back from that relationship. Every time you choose that you just can’t be bothered to share this with someone that it’s going to be easier. If you don’t have to. You’re not moving closer together in that relationship. And this is where it might be really helpful as a manifestor to have a conversation of like, Hey, when I share these things, I would really like you to be receptive and to be open and to not have a million questions for me. And when you do have all these questions or when you do judge, the things that I want to do, you know, it makes me feel like I can’t share myself with you, or it makes me feel like I can’t really be myself. And it might seem like such a small thing, but it really can impede your alignment, your success, your happiness, your peace. So I’m a huge fan of cleaning up your integrity as a manifestor, even if that means having some uncomfortable conversations. And I have definitely been way out of integrity with myself, with the truth, with my relationships in the past. And if you are in a relationship with a manifestor or a manifesting generator, because this goes for you two mgs this whole, secret strategy piece, it might be interesting to have a conversation with a person and not from a place of attacking them, but from a place of like, Hey, I’ve heard this thing about manifestors that they often don’t like to share everything because they don’t want to be stopped and they don’t want to feel judged, or they don’t think that there’ll be understood. And I really want to have a great relationship with you. So I’d love if you would share those things with me, if there’s things that you’re not sharing, because you think I won’t understand them. Okay, moving on. Let’s talk a little bit about manifestor energy. Manifestors are meant to move quickly. It’s kind of like you have this explosive energy and then it stops. So your energy can be really fast and really big, but it’s not super long or super sustainable. It’s kind of like a sprinter or a rocket ship. And I actually think the rocket ship is a great analogy because from my understanding of rocket ships or space shuttles, clearly not my area of expertise, but it’s like, you have this massive amount of energy and you blast off, but then the fuel tank or whatever falls off. So it’s like you burn through all this fuel really quickly. And then you’re done, the fuel tank has literally gone and you’re in orbit or however it works, you have this massive amount of energy and then you need to stop or then you need to rest or cruise or whatever. The manifestor energy is not sustainable energy. The only sustainable motor and human design is the sacral and a manifester can not have that sacral center defined. So managing your energy as a manifestor, taking naps is really great. Lying down is like magic for a manifestor for any types that don’t have the sacral defined. So projectors, reflectors, manifestors lying down is a game changer and you might not believe me, cause it might not seem like a big thing, but try it set a timer for 20 minutes, lie down. Don’t be on your phone. This is like, lie down, close your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep or not, but just close your eyes. And usually for me around the 17 minute mark, I’m like, okay, I’m ready to go. I’m refreshed. I feel so much better. And so taking naps and taking lie downs can be really helpful for your energy. Even if it’s only five minutes, I find it to be so refreshing. And learning your energetic boundaries is going to be so useful as a manifestor. I mentioned this a little bit earlier, but the open sacral, having a theme of not knowing when enough is enough, you need to learn when enough is enough for yourself. Because it’s not always going to come completely naturally to you. You often are going that tell you that you need a break. So it’s really about building back that trust and that respect for your body and for your energy, so that you can take care of it. You can take care of your energy and you can be a healthy manifester that takes the time to rest. That has the urges that feels at peace. And it’s really an alignment. Let’s look at some fears for manifestors. So manifestor fears are generally the fear of being controlled, the fear of their own anger and. It’s something that I mentioned earlier, it can be really uncomfortable for them and the fear of others being mad or upset with them because of the impact that they have. And if they don’t quite understand that they have this impact, it’s uncomfortable because they can feel like they’re affecting others. Because it’s like they get this weird energy from other people and they don’t quite get it. So there’s this fear of people being upset with them or not liking them or this fear of rejection or resistance. And as a manifestor, if you’re doing your manifestor yourself properly, you are going to face some rejection. And you’re definitely going to face some resistance from people. Like I said, you are not for everybody. And it’s being okay with that. And I want to talk about this kind of misconception around energy and expression of energy. So often manifestors are talked about as being these powerful, energetic, explosive people, but you could be a manifestor, that’s very quiet with your power and your energy. Often I find manifestors are always dreaming and scheming and creating new ways to impact things. And my partner will frequently tell me Hey, what’s going on in there. I can feel your energy. And I’ll be like, what, what are you talking about? Because we’re just sitting on the couch or driving in the car or something, but he knows that there’s all this energy and stuff going on and he can feel it. But I can’t understand how he can possibly feel that because I don’t really feel that in other people, right. My energy is impacting others. I’m not being impacted in that sense. one of the ironic pieces around manifestor conditioning? Like I said, manifestors are often the most conditioned and the irony is that society conditions, everyone else to be manifestors except for manifestors. Your energy can make other people uncomfortable and they feel like they can’t control it. So others sometimes try extra hard to control you, especially as a child when it’s easy for you to be controlled and conditioned. And again, this isn’t some malicious thing they’re just parents or teachers or caregivers that are trying to be good at whatever it is that they’re doing. And so often manifestors are conditioned to behave, to be a good girl, a good boy, a good child, whatever, and become people-pleasers, which is the exact opposite of what manifestors are really meant to be. And so in manifestors aren’t in their power, they’re just using this power they have for someone else, or they shut down and it’s like, they have no access to their power at all, but often manifestors have no idea how powerful they are. And they’re surprised to hear that they have an impact and it can even be a little bit jarring because it doesn’t feel like you have any impact and you don’t really know what that’s about. If you’ve really been conditioned out of your type. So I like to encourage people if you’re working with manifestors or if you know, a manifestor and you’re sharing this with them to just be gentle with them, if they’re new to human design, because it is quite likely going to be a massive paradigm shift for a lot of manifestors. If they’re not in alignment with their type, manifestors often have learned to hide their power so well, and they need help and support recognizing this power and seeing their power, because it’s something that they’ve been really uncomfortable about for a long time. In terms of the wants and needs of the manifestor, they need that uninterrupted creative flow that we talked about. They need freedom. They need to be informed and they need to be able to inform without being questioned. They need time alone to do as they want. Right. That freedom piece to have that uninterrupted schedule, the free time to not have things to do, to not have places to be, to not have people to answer to. And they also really need deep rest. And I say deep rest as something different from rest because after they have those really intense cycles of initiating and using all of that manifesting energy, it’s kind of like a crash and they really need a deep level of rest to restore themselves. It can take a little bit of practice at first for a manifestor to understand what actually is restful for them. And honestly, I think it takes practice for every type, because we don’t often respect our need for rest in this society. But what is truly restful for you? I’m willing to bet that scrolling on Instagram or TikTok is not deeply restful. You know, there are so many different types of rest. I’ve actually seen some great graphics on Instagram about different types of rest recently. So I will link it in the show notes because I think it’s helpful to understand the different types of rest we need. I often find that I need like nothing on my schedule. Like can lie on the couch or lie in bed all day and have nothing to do for a couple of days after I’ve done something really intense before I feel like I’m back to normal. Manifestors also need to know their impact. They are here to impact and they need to be able to see the impact that they’re having. That can really help them to feel at peace. And to know that they’re creating an impact, manifestors also need their right people, They need people that get them that are aligned with them, and that understand them. In terms of support. It’s helpful for manifestors to inform people how you need to be supported. So like, Hey, I need you to cheer me on, I’m doing this new thing. I’m launching this new thing. I’m starting this business. I need you to cheer me on and tell me that I’m awesome. Or I need you to not interrupt me today because I have all the stuff that I want to get done. And I just want to be able to like power through it all. Or I need you to take care of dinner. I’m exhausted. Often manifestors need support and we’re not the greatest at asking for it. So combining that informing piece with the support that you need can be really helpful to the people in your life that love you and want to support you when it comes to health for manifestors. So manifestor health really comes from initiating, and I spoke about this a little bit earlier. They need to recognize their impact and their power, and that contributes to good health for a manifestor and not using your energy does harm to your body. So you need to use your energy. You need to follow through with your urges and initiate action, and you also need to deal with your anger because it can do a lot of harm as well. When it’s not being processed. There was this book that I read called the great pain deception, and the book itself is based on this idea that often our pain is actually a emotion or something that we need to express that we’re not allowing ourselves to express. And he mentioned. For people that are sort of perfectionistic or type A’s, a lot of them have this undercurrent of rage. And when I heard that undercurrent of rage, I was like, oh yeah, that’s my whole manifester anger piece right there. That undercurrent of rage, because I didn’t necessarily have a lot of access to my anger at the beginning of this process. And it’s still not something that I experience super often. Although I guess that’s a good thing because your not-self theme is something that you generally don’t want to experience too often but from time to time is going to happen. But this undercurrent of rage idea where it’s not very accepted from our society to just rage about things, to rage about our relationships or to rage about whatever it is that we’re upset about or angry about. But what is accepted from our society is having bad allergies is having back pain is having stomach problems. And so the idea behind this book is that often these sort of unexpressed emotions will manifest in other areas. And I thought it was really interesting for myself because a lot of my physical symptoms when I was really sick earlier in my twenties, in terms of really bad allergies, really bad stomach problems, pain, these kinds of issues went away almost immediately when I got divorced. And there was a lot of repressed emotion during that time where I felt like I couldn’t express myself. And I couldn’t say what I wanted to say, and I couldn’t be who I wanted to be or be in alignment. And. Using my human design and understanding my human design and being able to express myself and understanding the power behind that has been so helpful with health overall. And although there’s still some things that I’m working on, I thought I would share that with you because that whole undercurrent of rage piece was such a light bulb moment for me, when it came to understanding the manifestor anger, because I really didn’t relate to it before that. When we talk about sleep for manifestors, it’s often said that manifestors need to lie down before they’re tired and this is very much an open sacral type thing. So instead of just draining yourself until you’re exhausted and then passing out, you need to physically lie down before you’re exhausted and give yourself time to wind down before you need to sleep. And if it’s possible to sleep alone, see if that helps you. I honestly don’t find it makes a big difference for me, but maybe I just haven’t been experimenting with it for long enough. In my current situation, I sleep alone about half the time I sleep with my generator partner about half the time, and I actually have great sleeps. Most nights. I actually sleep very well with my generator partner. Um, so, you know, teach their own, try experimenting with it, to see what feels right for you in terms of sleeping alone or not. And sometimes I think it’s really helpful for manifestors to talk out the rest of their energy. So if you’re lying down and you’re in bed and you want to go to sleep, but you feel like you still have energy and there’s still stuff going on, talk it out. You have a motor connected to your throat as a manifestor. So if you’re with your partner, you can share some of your thoughts. You can talk it out yourself sometimes, even when I’m by myself at night, I will literally just talk into the nothingness to get rid of some extra energy or to express some extra energy before I go to sleep. When it comes to you manifestors and work manifestors really need a certain degree of freedom when it comes to work, as well as autonomy. You don’t want to be micromanaging a manifestor. They need a flexible schedule. So we talked about this in terms of uninterrupted creative flow and having that freedom to follow those urges. If you have an urge that keeps you up really late, you want to be able to sleep in the next day and get enough sleep. You don’t want to tell a manifestor what to do as much as possible. They don’t respond very well to that. And what I find is a better option is telling them the results. Specifically, if you have a manifestor employee or if you’re an employee, because if you’re accountable to someone else and you need to do something, but if you can share what the results need to be, and then maybe talk about things or brainstorm things, or come up with a plan together, that’s going to be a lot easier for a manifestor as an employee than just being told exactly what needs to get down and how it needs to get done. So as much as possible when you can build in some flexibility and autonomy and freedom for a manifestor for work, that’s going to be really great. Entrepreneurship is a great role for manifestors, especially if they’re able to start things and then delegate the details to others. Passive income is a really great option for manifestors, even though it might take a while to set up. And by a while, I mean, like it could potentially take years to set up some sort of passive income stream, but I think it can be so powerful for manifestors so that you don’t constantly need to be exerting your energy in order to get income. And you don’t have to work regular hours learning to leverage your energy and money or have income that isn’t attached to your hours worked is so powerful for any of the open sacral types for everybody, of course, but especially for the open sacral types who don’t have that same level or quality of sustainable energy. Manifestors are really great at getting things started and moving. So as much as possible, if you can find roles in your workplace or jobs that allow you to get things started and initiated, and then someone else can be the project manager and finish it up and see the details through to completion. Cyclical work can also be helpful for manifestors because it kind of goes with that cycle of the surges of energy and rest. You also want to think about that uninterrupted creative flow time at work for a manifestor. So if you work in an office and you’re constantly being interrupted by other people. See if you can create some sort of a system so that people know that from this time to this time, please don’t interrupt me. Or you get to work from home for a couple of days a week, you know, post pandemic. I don’t know if we’re quite post pandemic yet, whatever we are because of the pandemic. A lot of places are happy to have you work at home. So creating time for you to have that uninterrupted flow, having a do not disturb on your email, on your phone, that can be really helpful to manifestors to create some space for that. Manifestors when they’re out of alignment or they’re in, their not self is often going to look like a manifestor hiding. They’re playing small. They are people pleasing. They’re trying to keep the peace for others. They’re asking or waiting for permission or validation or signs from the universe or something else that’s external to themselves. They’re following other people’s rules. And they’re concerned about like being appropriate. And I find this is kind of an interesting one because manifestors when they’re in, they’re not self. They don’t want to rock the boat. Like, oh, it wouldn’t be appropriate. If I did that, they’re using their secret strategies. So they’re lying or they’re being manipulative and they’re keeping others in the dark. They’re not informing people. They are thinking that they need to work hard or to hustle in order to make things happen. And don’t get me wrong. Manifestors can definitely work hard and have those bursts of energy, but then they need to rest. So if they’re thinking they need to be hustling all day, every day or they’re ignoring or not trusting or acting on their urges, that’s very much an out of alignment thing. And in terms of being an aligned manifester. Aligned, manifestors, we’ll have space for deep breasts and for urges and for play and that creative flow, they will trust themselves. They will be confident as leaders in however that looks like for them to lead, they will create and listen to their own rules or their own ways of being, they don’t feel the need to conform to societal norms per se. And they might, you know, whatever works for them. They can clearly inform and keep others updated with changes. So they’re not hiding things. They feel connected to their impact in their power and their purpose. They shine brightly. They take up the space that they’re here to take up. They know who their people are and they feel at peace. Okay, that is it for our manifestors. Well, I technically have more to say, especially on manifestors and I might create another episode on all of the types in relationships. So we’ll see when that comes out. If that comes out once I’ve got all of the rest of the type episodes, make sure you get your cheat sheet for this episode where I have lots of notes and reminders for you at And of course like always, the links are in the notes below. I appreciate you so much. If you know a manifestor, please share this with them. It is so helpful for us to understand ourselves better. I hope you have the best week and I will be back with you next week from a new country that I have wanted to visit for a years, talking all about generators. So I will see you next week.

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