37 – 40 Channel of Community

Sort of spiritual

“A design of a part seeking a whole” is what HD officially says about this channel.

You are designed to understand and create agreements that keep communities together.

Agreements are a key part of having successful communities and you have a gift for having communities work.

If you have this channel, I believe you are here to play an important role in the evolution of humanity.

That’s a big statement!

Because many of the agreements we have made in communities are currently falling apart.

Many “agreements” that have existed in communities regarding how people are treated who are different than you due to their race, ability, income level, gender, sexuality, age, etc do not work.

They never have, not for all parties involved.

The workplace has changed drastically in the past couple of years, and the “Great Resignation” is largely due to the “agreements” of “I’ll do X work for Y compensation” no longer work for the employee. Income inequality. Wage gaps. All part of this energy.

You are here to create communities that work. That are safe spaces. That have the resources we need to survive.

Resources can also be food! 😍🥟🍲🌮🥐🍕

This channel loves to gather around a meal and share food with friends and family.

Sometimes this channel can be easily hurt because you are committed to your agreements, and not everyone will be.

You act in good faith, others may not.

Broken promises can feel especially heartbreaking to this channel.

Remember this is an emotional channel, so a big lesson for you is to wait for clarity before you make a deal.

Sleep on it.

Give yourself time.

When we don’t wait, we make incorrect agreements that can hurt us and others.

A final note on the “Quid Pro Quo” aspect:

The 37-40 often expects that if I do this, you’ll do that. Be mindful here. Not everyone will fulfill your expectations, and these agreements can be perceived as unethical.

37 – 40 Affirmations

I am designed for community.

I understand how important clear agreements are for keeping communities together.

I take my time when making a deal with someone.

I am clear in my expectations and what is expected of me.

I choose to forgive myself and others for past broken agreements.

I am here to play an important role in the evolution of humanity.

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