34 – 57 Channel of Power

Sort of spiritual

You are here to save the day, for yourself and the rest of us.

You have the ability to have a strong connection to your instincts that will keep you and others safe.

You have a strong internal alarm system that is always scanning for potential danger to see what’s off. Trust your alarm system to alert you when needed, you don’t need to mentally be on high alert all the time.

Trust your Sacral response, because it’s connected to your Spleen it’s like you have an extra check that what you’re responding to is correct for you in the moment.

You have the ability to bring life and energy into anything that’s aligned for you. You are here to help us differentiate, to be in the moment, to trust our instincts, to be independent and lean into our individuality.

This channel has an exceptional understanding of the auditory world. Trust your ears when something sounds off and be mindful of the audio you consume. How do certain voices, background sounds or music make you feel?

The more you build a connection to your body and learn to discern between the intuitive instincts of your body and not the potential for worry and anxiety in the mind, the more connected you will be and the more you can relax and trust yourself and life.

This channel is designed to keep you alive & well, you can trust it, you can relax, you can trust yourself.

34 – 57 Affirmations

I am designed with the instinct to survive.

When I am connected to my intuition, I can trust I will be safe.

I am designed to perform well in crisis.

I breathe life & energy into anything when I respond.

I trust what sounds right. I trust my intuition.

I have a strong intuitive alarm system, so I can relax and don’t need to be on high alert all the time.

I am powerful when I am in the moment.

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