39 – 55 Channel of Emoting

Sort of spiritual

You are designed for some big emotions.

This channel is moody and beautiful.

We’ve often been conditioned to view moods as a problem, when they’re an incredible piece of information regarding right timing for us.

It’s as simple as this, if you’re not in the mood, it’s not the right time.

You probably have a history of forcing yourself to do things when you’re not in the mood for them.

How about trusting yourself that when you are in the mood, you create magic in this world. And when you’re not, you can rest. The magic will come when the time is right.

This is also a very creative energy and if I could give two big tips to anyone with this channel, here’s what I would say:

1. Develop a creative outlet that is not tied to an end product. Meaning you paint freely and can trash the painting at the end if you choose. You’re not painting to put it on the wall, or sell it on Etsy. This is just pure creative expression.

2. Find movement that works for you. This channel is between two motors (the Root and the Emotional Solar Plexus) and exercise/movement hugely helps to calm the emotional wave here.

But you’re not just here to be creative and emotional.

You’re here to wake humanity up to a new future.

To abundance.

To spirit consciousness.

To understand spirit/source/energy etc as our source of abundance.

You’re here to wake us up to our limitlessness.

And sometimes, life will feel painful. Sometimes your emotional wave will crash big and hard and feel like there’s no possible way things will ever be ok.

Instead of exploding on others, you’re more likely to implode on yourself.

The darkness doesn’t last long when you learn how to move with it.

Trust the beauty of your emotions. Learn to honour and respect your moods. Wake humanity up. Use your magic. ✨

39 – 55 Affirmations

I am passionate and creative.

I am designed to wake people up to the abundance in our world.

I connect to the spirit of the moment.

I love my big feelings.

I respect my moodiness.

I trust that my creativity operates in cycles.

I trust that when I am in the mood, timing is right.

I take care of my powerful emotional energy.

I tune into the flow of abundance and spirit consciousness in our universe.

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