26 – 44 Channel of Transmission

Sort of spiritual

I see this channel as one of the most layered channels in HD.

It’s often said to be about sales (26) and marketing (44). And while I don’t think that’s incorrect, it’s a very surface level of way of looking at things.

26 can be about selling, but I see it as selling truth, selling ideas, selling how people can improve. And truthfully, 99% of people I’ve come across that are good-hearted people with this gate, are terrified of selling. It’s like you can sense the ability inside you to be manipulative and you’re so scared of being that way, you stay far away from selling.

If that’s you, you’re doing yourself and the world a disservice. You can sell (transmit, share, teach) without manipulating anyone. I have technically “sold” over 200 people on my program HD School, but I didn’t manipulate anyone or convince anyone or talk anyone into joining. But I do share and transmit “truth” as I know it through the form of Human Design and understanding yourself.

44 is often said to be marketing, but it’s really about learning lessons from the past and making those lessons look good so we can transmit them to the people around us so we can all survive, improve, grow and thrive.

26-44 is also a design of an entrepreneur.

You are here to transmit truth, to take lessons from the past and share them with the people around you so we can grow our resources, our ability to educate ourselves and support ourselves.

And while you’re here to do good, you’re not here to do it for free. (This is the channel of the entrepreneur, after all). This channel demands to be compensated well for its work. So don’t feel guilty about being well paid for what you do.

You’re not designed to work all the time, when you’re paid well for your work you have time to rest and recharge.

You have a strong bullshit detector, so trust your instincts when you feel like something is off or there’s a lack of integrity somewhere.

Stay on top of your own integrity, too. Are you in integrity with what you say you’ll do? Are you in integrity with your health, body, finances, relationships, work, self? No one is perfect, but staying in integrity with your life will give you more power in living out this channel.

26 – 44 Affirmations

I am here to transmit truth. I have the intuition to move ideas to reality.

I share lessons from the past to make us all better.

I am designed to make a difference through my ideas.

I am well compensated for my work.

I am here to make things look beautiful.

I trust my bullshit detector.

I constantly work on being in integrity.

I know the difference between selling and manipulation.

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