23 – 43 Channel of Structuring

Sort of spiritual

You are the energy of quantum leaps.

You are knowing, expressed. You possess the ability to download and share genius with the rest of us.

And it will often feel nothing like this.

A lot of time it will feel like you don’t have the words to translate what you’re trying to say.

It will feel like people aren’t getting the impact of your message.

It will feel like waiting and waiting and wondering if what you have to say is meaningful or valuable and if you’ll ever receive another flash of brilliance like you have before.

It will feel like second guessing yourself, sideways glances and people looking at you blankly because they don’t quite understand what you’re talking about.

But when you can learn to trust yourself.

When you can learn to know right timing.

When you can learn the difference between wanting to be seen and knowing this is the right time and place to share your genius…

Your genius shines so bright.

You blow yourself away by the words that come out of your own mouth.

People are in awe of the transformation you create, of the quantum leaps you make available.

Your genius knows new ways, better ways, it knows transformation and growth in a way that logic can never understand.

And it’s pure magic.

And then it’s done, and you go back to wondering if you’ll ever have something brilliant to say ever again.

That’s the melancholy that lives in all individual channels like this one, and once you understand it, you can observe and be at peace, knowing and trusting that the magic always comes back.

Knowing that the magic can’t be forced. But the more aligned you become with yourself, the easier you’ll be able to download and transmit the genius that runs through you.

23 – 43 Affirmations

I am here to bring transformational information to the world.

When I understand right timing, my genius is understood by others.

I am a change agent.

I trust my inner knowing.

Not everyone will understand my insights, but the right people will value them.

The more aligned I become, the easier it is for me to receive & communicate my insights with the world.

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