9 – 52 Channel of Concentration

Sort of spiritual

When happens when ADD and a couch potato come together?

You get the channel of concentration.

Gate 9 – focus – has the mental focus but not always the physical stillness to concentrate which can often create ADD/ADHD like behaviour.

Gate 52 – stillness (often nicknamed the couch potato gate) gets an A+ for stillness, but doesn’t always carry the mental focus needed.

When these two energies come together, you get both ingredients needed to concentrate, but this channel is so much more than concentration.

For starters, this is one of three format channels which significantly influences everyone they come into contact with, sharing their concentration powers, making you an incredible asset to any group where concentration is beneficial.

This energy is also logical and can clearly see the details and patterns that we collectively need to work on to improve humanity – and you can see this in a logical, step-by-step detailed way (which is really helpful to the rest of us!)

This energy is tenacious in its focus when it’s connected to what it’s focusing on (aka make sure you’re responding and use your strategy.)

Right timing is crucial to this channel. All of the root channels operate with a pulsing energy – the energy is there or it isn’t. You can’t force it to be there. So when you feel that concentration, use it. And when you don’t – relax, it will come back when the time is right and you have something worthy of your response.

This channel can also struggle with restlessness and depression if it doesn’t have a focus and isn’t using it’s S&A (I’m not saying this is THE only cause of depression, but can certainly contribute.)

Trust your strategy and authority, and this channel will respond in a way that creates incredible energy when the time is right. 💛

9 – 52 Affirmations

I am designed to bring improvements to the collective.

I can use my mental focus and physical stillness to concentrate intensely.

I can clearly see the details.

When I respond, I feel connected to my area of focus. I’m here to challenge, correct and perfect patterns in a step-by-step, detailed way.

I trust in right-timing and know when the energy is right, I’ll focus on the right thing.

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