10 – 34 Channel of Exploration

Sort of spiritual

Stick to your guns.

You are here to live life on your own terms.

You must develop the courage to stick to your convictions.

It’s not necessarily easy to live your life for you.

We judge ourselves, say we’re selfish and pretend that living for other people is the noble thing to do.

But when we do this, we live a fraction of our life. We try to make ourselves, our path, somehow correct for other people. But this lifetime isn’t about what’s correct for other people, it’s about you.

AND this next bit, looking at this differently, is what I love.

What if sticking to your convictions and living your life for yourself… is actually the best way to be in service of others?

What if that’s the way that you’re designed make your mark on this world? Having the courage and the bravery to fully be the individual you’re here to be?

When you live life your way, we watch. We can’t help it. You’re designed to attract attention.

Will some people judge? Absolutely.

But I know you’re strong enough to withstand that.

And more importantly, many of us will be inspired. We’ll be empowered. When you have the courage to be yourself, to stick to your guns, you empower us to be ourselves, too.

Frequently, I get goosebumps at the thought of a world where we’re all free to be ourselves. A world where we are celebrated for being who we are, not pressured into this homogenized average that we all compare ourselves to. A world where there’s nothing to measure up to and we just get to expand into our own brilliance.

And you are here to play a key role in creating that world, simply by responding to what lights you up. Doing the things that makes your Sacral scream YES.

You’re here to love yourself enough to live the life you’re designed to live.

To trust your Sacral enough to lead you to the incredible life that’s waiting for you.

And to empower the rest of us along the way.

10 – 34 Affirmations

I am designed to follow my own convictions.

I am creative. I am here to explore my individuality.

I am designed to attract attention.

My unique path in life is right for me.

When I live out my own direction, I empower others to take their own path, too.

I trust myself. I know that my true power is accessed easily in response.

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