7 – 31 Channel of the Alpha

Sort of spiritual

You likely have always found yourself in places of leadership, and for good reason. You’re designed to be a great leader.

It’s important to remember, that the channel of the alpha is about leadership in service of the people. Listen to your people and share your vision for the future with them.

Your leadership is designed to be recognized, people naturally recognize you as a leader and invite you to lead. This is how you naturally experience the alpha, you aren’t here to force your leadership on others – it won’t work.

You’ll want to look at the line number of your gate 7 (this is the number after the decimal, for example if it says gate 7.5 your line number is 5). The line number will colour how your leadership style shows up, so will the numbers in your profile (ie 2/4) – so you’ll all have different blends of leadership styles that add to (or sometimes contradict) the energy of the democratic, logical leadership in this channel.

1 – the authoritarian – this is leadership that’s imposed

2 – the democrat – using tested systems and serving the majority

3 – the anarchist – leadership methods that are experimental, trying new things

4 – the abdicator – stepping down to have someone else lead

5 – the general – taking absolute authority in times when it’s needed

6 – the administrator – shares power and communicates

7 – 31 Affirmations

I am designed to lead our world to a better future.

I can rely on logic and past patterns.

I am influential. I use my influence for the greater good.

I’m recognized by my people when I’m in service of them.

I trust my vision for the future.

I listen to those I lead.

I act as the trusted voice of others.

I am supported by the people I lead and my advisors.

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