10 – 57 Channel of Perfected Form

Sort of spiritual

How are the perfectionists doing out there? 😉

You may not all be perfectionists, but there is a strong association here with perfectionism (although it’s not the only place in design that this theme shows up!)

You KNOW how to make something perfect and have such a drive for it, but don’t let it get you stuck. A great motto is “done is better than perfect”.

57-10 will often avoid taking any action, even if it is aligned, if there is a chance they won’t get it perfect… and guess what? YOU WON’T! Not all the time, and that’s ok.

You do intuitively know how to perfect things and that can come over time, release the idea that everything has to be perfect. It will hold you back.

Speaking of intuition, the level of your self love will impact your direction and your ability to trust your intuition, so work on that if you need to.

This is a channel that intuitively knows how to survive. If there’s a crisis or threat, this channel knows the right direction to go to survive. Because of this ability to know survival, sometimes 57-10s can be quite the risk takers because they learn to trust this part of themselves. (Especially if you also have gate 28!)

Living true to yourself is healthy for you and empowers others.

You’re here to be what you love, create what you love, because you love it. Keep your high standards, we love to see them, just don’t let them stop you from expressing what’s in your soul.

10 – 57 Affirmations

I am creative.

I am intuitive.

I know how to survive.

I am designed to love myself enough to stay true to myself.

I impact the environment around me. I am designed to be intuitively guided.

I am here to be what I love, and create what I love because I love it.

I intuitively know how to improve almost anything.

I respect my drive for perfection and I do not let it get in the way of action or progress.

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