10 – 20 Channels of Awakening

Sort of spiritual

Yes, loves. You are here to be awake.

You are here to be so fully in love with yourself, so fully accepting of yourself, so fully trusting in yourself that you can live life fully as yourself for yourself.

And despite all this “self” focus, your true expression of yourself, fully awake, is how you lead the rest of us. You’re here to empower us to also be our unique selves.

It’s a funny thing how you being so wonderfully you can show me how to be more me, in a way that’s completely different.

When you live as you, for you (not for us, even though we’re watching), this projected channel gets the recognition it deserves and its magic grows and grows.

And…it comes with a risk of vulnerability. This channel connects the Identity centre directly to the Throat, so your expression is not your emotion or thoughts or intuition… it’s YOU at your very core and that can be a scary place to express from.

Almost everyone I work with has some past wound around their self-expression or their voice. Where they expressed and then felt judgement and often learned to judge themselves.

So if you haven’t already, your ultimate task is to deal with the challenge built into Gate 10 – to step into fully loving yourself, being so empowered that you empower the rest of us, all the while leaving victimhood, disempowering and self-loathing behind.

Because you’re here to be awake. To live as yourself. For yourself… but also for us.

10 – 20 Affirmations

I trust myself. I love myself.

I make decisions as myself and for myself.

When I love myself fully, I make decisions that keep me going the right direction for me.

As I live true to myself, I empower others.

I am here to be what I love, because I love it.

I lead by example of awakened self acceptance and trust. I inspire people to be true to themselves.

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