4 – 63 Channel of Logic

Sort of spiritual

Can you prove it?

…is the underlying question this channel is always asking. You’re designed to use the doubt and suspicion in this channel as a bullshit detector of sorts. Can someone really back up what they’re claiming? Can they prove it? Is there logic behind it?

This channel is left brain, visual and driven to find logical solutions to help others. It’s also great at seeing patterns that it uses to help predict what could happen in the future. It’s designed to question everything and can sometimes have some know-it-all energy.

Although this energy wants to find a logical solution – the solution isn’t proven yet, that happens elsewhere in the chart. So although you may be certain about your solutions and ideas, this is still very hypothetical energy.

There are a few key points I want to highlight here.

This channel is about improving the collective. While you might found yourself being doubtful and suspicious of your own inner knowing or ideas sometimes, the doubt and suspicion is really mean to serve the collective.

For example…(sometimes I feel like this must have been a fever dream but it did happen.. anyways..)

Remember when a certain world leader was telling the population he governed they could cure a certain virus by injecting bleach into their veins… ☠️ THAT is the kinda stuff you want to use your doubt and suspicion for.

Not for doubting your brilliance or capabilities or amazing intuitive abilities.

The second important part to note with this channel is that it is PROJECTED. Regardless of what your type is, this channel itself is projected, meaning it works best for other people when they ask for it.

Also meaning people don’t generally appreciate you interjecting your doubt into their lives or giving answers to questions they’re not asking… and on the flip side, your logical solutions will be massively appreciated when they’re invited.

4 – 63 Affirmations

I use my mind to find solutions to help others. My curious nature expands possibilities for myself and others.

I use my doubt and suspicion to raise questions and create new potentials for a better collective.

I trust my instincts and skepticism when something looks off.

I release mental pressure to find all the answers and trust I’ll have the right answers when I need them.

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