6 – 59 Channels of Bonding

Sort of spiritual

This is the energy for sexuality, intimacy and bonding. It’s the energy for the physical act of sex in terms of procreation- bringing new life into this world. It’s also the energy of the provider, because once you bring that baby you are responsible for helping it survive.

And now that you’ve created this tribe? You’ll fight to the death to defend it and make sure it has the resources (food, money, shelter etc) it needs to stick around.

It’s primal stuff here.

And on another level, this channel is really a metaphor.

This channel is all about fertility. Not only in the sense of creating babies but creation, period.

Bringing new life – new art, new business, new charities, new whatever into the world and having the capacity to sustain this creation.

This channel does best when it WAITS before entering into conflict or *ahem* intimacy. Because if you have this channel, you automatically have an emotional authority and we know the emotional authority makes its best decisions over time. So instead of spontaneously screaming at your boss or hooking up with the first fish who bites – you’ll likely find that if you give this decision some time, everyone will be better off.

NOW – I have no interest in shaming anyone around sex or hookups, but if you’re finding quick hookups to be not-so-satisfying, it could be because you’re not waiting. And because you’re not waiting, you don’t know if it’s actually the right decision. But hey, do what lights you up 😉.

Many people I work with that have this channel do have issues with the sexual flavour of it. Either people misinterpret their energy as being super sexual when they’re not trying to be or they have MAJOR difficulty expressing their sexual energy because generally speaking, the western culture is absolutely f*cked when it comes to women expressing themselves in this way.

I’ve been thinking of creating a course on sexuality in Human Design and better understanding ourselves in that – lemme know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

6 – 59 Affirmations

I am the energy of creation.

I bring new life into the world.

My energy is influential and impacts others.

I can sustainably support and provide for my creations.

I fiercely protect my energy and those I care about.

I always take time and ride out my emotional wave before entering any conflict.

I trust myself to express my sexuality. I am safe to be me.

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