Gate 63 in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

Gate 63
Gate 63: Doubt

But can you PROVE it?⁠

That’s what this gate wants to know.⁠

People see the word DOUBT and think “ugh! I don’t want to have doubt in my design!” But the collective NEEDS you to.⁠

Remember during the global panini when a certain leader was telling people to inject themselves with bleach…? (Was that a fever dream?)⁠

Regardless of your feelings about the panini we NEED people who will say – hold up – bleach? Is there any evidence that this helps? Do you have a motive for saying that? Could this do more harm than good?⁠

We need people who are going to doubt and be suspicious of information.⁠

We need you to ask: Can you back up your claim? Do you have proof? Is there a pattern that we can reliably duplicate?⁠

But what you don’t need:⁠

To doubt yourself, to be suspicious of people.⁠

This energy is about the collective, information, data. So if you notice the energy of doubt and suspicion pointing inward at you or people in your life, remember to redirect it it back to the information it’s meant for.⁠

Embrace your curiosity. Treasure your questions.⁠

This gate is looking to the future and your questions as well as the pressure in this gate helps us a a whole to find answers and moves us forward.⁠

If the quality of your life is determined by the questions we ask…⁠

The quality of the COLLECTIVE is determined by the questions Gate 63 asks.⁠

You create new possibilities for all of us through your curiosity and drive to share correct and valid information.⁠

Gate 63 Themes

I’Ching Name: After Completion

Zodiac: Pisces

Circuit: Collective [this energy is meant to be shared]

Channel: 4-63 Logic

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