Gate 62 in Human Design

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Gate 62
Gate 62: Details

You help us understand the world.⁠

You take the possibilities in Gate 17 and see how we can experiment and bring it to reality in a logical way.⁠

You have the capacity to communicate things methodically and help to bring concepts to us in a way we can understand.⁠

This gate is behind the energy of language – it’s about how we organize words so we can communicate.⁠

I often say this is the energy of the self-help author. Seeing big problems, breaking them down and giving us step-by-step methodical process in every chapter to help us understand.⁠

@hdundefined has this gate and uses it beautifully in her HD work.⁠

The 62’s step-by-step breakdowns can help us understand things easily and logically.⁠

But, there are limits to logic.⁠

There are always outliers, pattern-breakers and sometimes you can get stuck in logic and wanting everything to exist there – not leaving a lot of room for miracles or surprises.⁠

You can also be too detailed at times, sometimes less is more, we don’t always need to know all of the details.⁠

Gate 62 is an energy you’ll often see in teachers, scientists, programmers, organizer etc — anywhere that people organize information (including physical things).⁠

Gate 62 Themes:

I’Ching Name: Preponderance of the Small

Zodiac: Cancer

Circuit: Collective [this energy is meant to be shared]

Channel: 17-62 Channel of Organization

Gate 62 Themes

>> Do you have the gate 62? Do you see this energy in yourself? Let me know if the comments!⁠

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