Gate 57 in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

Gate 57
Gate 57: Intuition

The most psychic gate in Human Design 🔮. ⁠

This gate has so much knowing, it can be difficult to trust if you’re not tuned into it because you don’t know HOW you know what you know. ⁠

Gate 57 is designed to keep us safe and healthy in the moment.⁠
�It knows what’s best for us NOW. Not 2 hours from now. ⁠

It’s very tuned into vibrations and sound. If something sounds off, trust that! ⁠

This gate can be a bit like an alarm system – constantly checking to make sure everything is safe.⁠

Because of that, it can be a bit frustrating – when you’re constantly looking for danger, you’re a lot more likely to find danger. ⁠

Learn to trust your intuition, because when you do, can can detach from the hyper-vigilance of always checking to see if something is off, and know that alarm bells will ring (metaphorically speaking) when something actually is wrong. ⁠

All of the spleen gates gave a fear tied to them – this gate is the fear of the future. On the flip side, you have the intuition to know what potentials exist in the future. Train yourself to pay attention to what you actually do want to happen. ⁠

Learn to tell the difference between your intuition and your fear (video on that coming tomorrow). ⁠

I came across this affirmation from Louise Hay recently, use it if it feels good to you: ⁠

All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good and out of this experience, only good will come. I am safe. ⁠

Gate 57 Themes:

I’Ching Name: The Gentle

Zodiac: Libra

Circuit: Individual [this energy is meant to first empower you, so you can then empower others]

Channel: 10=57 Perfected Form, 20-57 – The Brainwave, 34-57 Power

Gate 57 Themes

🔮 Do you have the gate 57? Do you see this energy in yourself? Let me know if the comments! 🔮⁠

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