Gate 58 in Human Design

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Gate 58
Gate 58: Joy

This Gate is designed to share the energy of joy and vitality. ⁠

You are like a giant beam of sunshine and we all want to bask in your rays ☀️.⁠

Your love of life and appreciation of beauty is magnetic to others. ⁠

And HD looks at joy a bit differently. ⁠

HD looks at joy and vitality as a result of doing something better and better until we master the pattern. Doing things we love, repeatedly and getting better at them brings us joy and health.⁠

Being a root gate, there is drive and pressure where to make things better, do things better – and when we do this, we feel more joy. ⁠
�When we see the patterns that aren’t working and correct them to create more joy and and bring them vitality. ⁠

When you’re on your path (following your S&A) you radiate vitality and trust in the joy in life. ⁠

Sometimes this energy can come across as critical – your gift for identifying the patterns that are causing the opposite of joy, are often not appreciated by others – especially if they haven’t invited the critique. ⁠

Sometimes this gate can temporarily lose its joy and become bitter – feeling like it’s too much effort to create joy.⁠

My generation (1986-91) is likely to have this Gate in Saturn, Uranus or Neptune. ⁠

Saturn – likely to have challenges with this energy that you’re designed to overcome.⁠

Uranus – you’re a little strange here! Joy might feel weird to you, but you’re also here to create a Joy revolution.⁠

Neptune – it’s our spiritual life purpose to restore joy and vitality, even if it’s felt awkward to fully express joy in the past.⁠

Gate 58 Themes:

I’Ching Name: The Joyous

Zodiac: Capricorn

Circuit: Collective [this energy is mean to be shared]

Channel: 18-58 Channel of Judgement

Gate 58 Themes

☀️ Do you have the gate 58? Do you see this energy in yourself? Let me know if the comments! ☀️⁠

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