21 – 45 Channel of Money

Sort of spiritual

Everyone thinks they want this channel because it means they’ll be rich, right?

It definitely has the capacity to be an excellent money manager, but there’s a lot more to it.

The channel of money is about leadership and resources (45) and controlling how the resources are divided (21).

Having this channel doesn’t guarantee wealth, and not having this channel doesn’t mean you can’t be wealthy. Either way it’s about your alignment and living into your highest expression.

What this channel does mean is that you are a natural leader.

You are designed to serve your people, without sacrificing yourself. One of your big lessons is to understand how to protect your own interests while serving others (definitive hd guide).

When resources are managed well for yourself and your people, we can all rest, relax and enjoy life.

Resources aren’t just money btw. It’s information, food, housing, your network – so many things!

There is a lot of drive and willpower in this channel, so you need to make sure you know your boundaries and don’t get carried away with work.

Defined Will people need to work in cycles of work and rest, whether you’re a Manifestor or MG (those are the only types that can have this channel).

You’re also going to need to learn to SURRENDER.

You can’t control everything.

You can’t do everything on your own.

Learn to delegate, to release, to trust.

Sometimes this channel can seem really selfish, if you’re experiencing that, it’s likely because you don’t trust that there is an abundance for you AND your people.

You might have been told before that you talk about yourself too much, but learn to be perfectly ok with that and heal anything that’s in the way of you using your voice because:

Your voice is POWERFUL. Inform the universe. Inform people in your life. Express gratitude and use your voice to create. Look into The Magical Morning practice by @galadarling it will be PURE MAGIC for you.

21 – 45 Affirmations

I am a natural leader. When I manage resources well, we all have what we need.

I take care of myself and my people.

I know how to take care of my own interests while also serving others.

I am driven. I use my willpower wisely.

I respect my cycles of work and rest.

I understand where I can be in control and where it’s best to surrender or delegate.

My voice is powerful.

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