25 – 51 Channel of Initiation

Sort of spiritual

The Gate of Shock (51) + Innocence (25) creates a catalyst for humanity, you.

You are designed to be initiated and to initiate us.

The willpower you have here is to help you get through the initiations, which can be difficult experiences and sometimes can be quite shocking.

A design of needing to be first.

You’re here to be first into the unknown. To experience the transformation first so you can empower us to also transform.

51-25 is also called the channel of the Shaman or the Priestess.

You’re here to learn to transcend the ego, to surrender to oneness and connection and that universal, innocent love of the 25. Where we understand that we’re all one, despite our individuality.

When you learn to transform through the initiations instead of suffer through them, you discover real power here.

Your ability to be a catalyst and create transformation for others moves humanity forward, but so does your drive to be first.

Others are always competing with you whether you intend for them to be or not. This competition helps us to learn and grow more collectively.

As you level up, you inspire us to do the same.

25 – 51 Affirmations

I am here to be transformed and transform others.

I am here to initiate others into their individuality.

I understand life’s challenges are often here to initiate me into a higher level of connection and understanding.

My drive helps to progress humanity.

I am a survivor and transform through experiences.

I am designed to transcend the ego and surrender to oneness.

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