42 – 53 Channel of Maturation

Sort of spiritual

You are designed to experience life in cycles of learning and growth.

The purpose of this channel is to initiate you into a new season of learning, advancement, growth, experience and wisdom FOR the collective and for the benefit future generations.

Humans learn through passing on the wisdom gained from our experiences from generation to generation and you are someone who is here to teach us through your lived experiences.

Each life season or cycle that you enter into has a lesson to teach you, that you in turn can teach us.

It’s important that you learn to BE in the experience of this season of your life. Often we try to rush to the outcome or manipulate an experience to go how we think we want it to go, but each season of your life is curated for your growth and expansion.

You are required to complete each lesson before you progress to the next, so if you find yourself repeating the same patterns in every relationship or playing out a particular work dynamic no matter which company you work for – there is very likely a lesson that you need to learn that you haven’t yet integrated.

This Channel of maturation takes time.

If you have this channel, you are either a Generator or MG. Learning to listen to your Sacral response will help you enter into the right season or cycle for you.

Pay attention to unfinished business or loose ends that need tying up in your life.

Where is your energy leaking? What projects are unfinished? What old relationship are still taking your energy?

Choose to complete these – either by doing what’s needed to bring these cycles to completion or by deciding that you are done with them.

This will help to create space in your energy for new cycles to begin.

Your aura is impactful and your energy brings new growth cycles to those around you as well.

If you only have gate 53: you are better at starting than finishing.

If you only have gate 42: you are designed to bring things to completion but may have difficulty getting things started or knowing what to start.

42 – 53 Affirmations

I am designed for advancement and growth.

My energy operates in cycles.

I trust my Sacral when it’s lit up by something new.

I surrender to the experiences of my life and integrate the wisdom learned.

I release past seasons to make room for what’s next.

I share the lessons gained with others.

I allow myself to be in the experience for the experience and release attachment to the outcome.

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