28 – 38 Channel of Adventure

Sort of spiritual

You might need to reframe struggle 😉.

A lot of people see this channel (traditionally called the Channel of Struggle) and feel a bit beat down… “I’m designed to struggle? 😫”

YES – but here’s why it’s perfect for you.

Struggle and adventure brings meaning to you.

If you were to play a video game that was so easy, you got all the coins and beat all the bad guys the very first run through, you won the whole game… you would never play this game again…

It would be boring.

There’s no challenge. There’s no struggle.

This is the same for life.

For you, the struggles and challenges bring meaning to your life.

But you need to reframe the idea that struggle is bad.

In this incarnation, you chose a more challenging “video game” than many of us. But it’s perfect for you.

But here’s what makes the difference:

You need to engage in the RIGHT struggle. No one (not even you) is designed to always be struggling.

When you follow your strategy & authority, you can struggle with the right things that will bring meaning to your life and move your closer to your purpose instead of everything feeling So. Hard. All. The. Time.

You also need to remember when things get extra challenging, this is like the last fight of your current video game level – you’re fighting the boss of this level so it’s going to be extra challenging. But remember – this isn’t extra challenging because you’re doing something bad or wrong or you suck – it’s because you got through this whole level and you are SO CLOSE to the next level of the game (your life). This is EXCITING!

Your struggles are here to evolve us forward, to teach us and empower us. This is often an energy in motivational speakers – they’ve struggled and learned what is meaningful and worth fighting for in life and can inspire us.

Because what’s more inspiring – someone who struggled through a lot and came out on top? Or someone who was born with every opportunity and life was really easy for?

28 – 38 Affirmations

I am designed to discover what’s meaningful in life.

I understand that the right challenges make life more enjoyable.

I stand up for what’s worth fighting for. I get clarity through the contrast of struggle.

When I go through challenging times,

I know a breakthrough is about to arrive.

I am driven to grow and evolve.

Challenges make everything more worthwhile.

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