32 – 54 Channel of Transformation

Sort of spiritual

Another very layered channel.

I see this as having three variations on a theme.

The theme: transformation, rising up and success.

The variations are business success, social success and spiritual transcendence.

What does this mean?

You are driven to succeed, to rise up, to climb the ladder, to transform.

This could look like business success. You have incredible ambition and are willing to put in the work.

You intuitively know how to be successful and what will be successful. When you trust your strategy & authority the success can happen quite easily.

When you force success, it can still happen for you but often you will put all this effort into creating success only to find yourself burnt out and unfulfilled.

I’ve met many lawyers with this channel who worked very hard to create a prestigious career for themselves only to realize that they don’t enjoy their work and working long hours to support a fabulous-looking lifestyle, is not what truly matters to them.

Blindly following your ambition can be like driving full speed in the wrong direction hoping it will take you to the right destination just because you’re going fast.

This channel could also look like social success. Meeting the right people and increasing your social status so you can climb the social ladder.

Be mindful that you are not using people to grow your status.

This could look like spiritual “success” or transcendence. Transforming yourself and your relationship to the universe, oneness, divinity.

In all areas, you are designed to transform and can also be a catalyst to help others transform.

Be mindful of your drive & ambition.

These are beautiful qualities and they can make success a lot harder for you if you believe you need to hustle and work hard instead of understanding right timing and working in alignment

32 – 54 Affirmations

I am driven. I intuitively know what and who will be successful.

I am full of big ideas and trust when it’s the right time they will unfold as designed.

I am designed to transform.

I prepare for my manifestations to occur without forcing.

I have the energy to bring dreams to life.

I help others to realize their potential.

I honour and recognize the people who help me on my journey.

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