18 – 58 Channel of Judgement

Sort of spiritual

This channel is beautiful, and probably one of the energies that we don’t naturally know how to use, well.

It sees what can be improved, it wants to create more joy and vitality in this world, and it wants to share it with you so you can experience the joy!

Beautiful right??

But instead, when it shares what it sees with others, it often comes across as critical or maybe even mean.

And then the 18-58 is left feeling bitter and unappreciated.

They were just trying to help! UGH.

Here’s the little secret with this channel, the corrections you have that are so helpful to the rest of us – just need to be INVITED!

When we ask you what you can see and how we can improve, we value this energy so so much.

Imagine you start a new job.

You walk in and immediately start sharing what could be improved.

💥This team isn’t effective

💥This project isn’t working

💥You’re wasting money

💥This person is wrong for this position

Everyone would be asking WHO HIRED YOU?! And would want you and your critique gone, ASAP.

BUT – if you were hired as a consultant (aka invited to share your criticism), you could walk in there and share the exact same points, this time with someone following you around taking notes, eager to implement the changes, so grateful to have you there and paying you pretty darn well, too.

They’re happy, you’re happy, it’s a win-win.

We need people who intuitively know how to make improvements, how to get us closer to perfection.

We need people to help us all create more joy and vitality in our world because we’ve lost so much of it.

And the 18-58 really needs to be invited to share what it sees, so we can receive your gifts.

If you absolutely CAN NOT wait to be invited to share, try asking first if you can share what you see. Instead of blurting out what could be improved, say “Hey, I have some thoughts on how X might work better for you, are you open to hearing what I have to say?” … and then respect their answer if they say no… their curiosity just might bring them back later… or they’ll give you the green light and you can go ahead.

18 – 58 Affirmations

I am designed to intuitively know what needs to be corrected to bring more joy to everyone.

I trust that if people want to hear my corrections, they will ask.

I accept the present and enjoy my insatiability to make things better, I always know how something can improve.

I am here to restore joy and vitality.

I know that I don’t have to be perfect and enjoy noticing the patterns that create improvement.

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