20 – 57 Channel of the Brainwave

Sort of spiritual

SO COOL and only slightly problematic 🙃

This channel KNOWS. It doesn’t know how it knows, it doesn’t need to, it just knows.

You have great instincts, intuition & psychic abilities and can connect to the frequencies below what’s happening on the surface that many of us may not be tuned in to.

Trust your instincts in the moment to keep you safe, this channel has a theme of survival.

You’re not designed to be influenced much by others, so people may complain that you’re ignoring them.

But what you’re not ignoring is the truth.

You can have an incredible capacity for tuning into what’s really going on and because this channel connects the Spleen to the Throat, you have easy access to share your insights!

…. but not everyone appreciates their truth (ahem.. secrets) being picked up on or shared and will often tell you your insights are wrong or crazy because HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT 😳. (This is the problematic part I mentioned, so be mindful of what you feel tempted to blurt out!)

You can empower people to cut through the BS in their life and wake up to their own inner instincts.

There’s a fear of the future built into Gate 57, but when you can develop a level of trust with yourself, your intuition and your instincts, there’s no need to be afraid.

20 – 57 Affirmations

I trust my instincts.

I am highly intuitive.

I trust my intuition.

I am tuned into the frequencies beneath the surface.

I know things that others don’t, I can trust myself.

I am mindful of things I want to blurt out, not everyone wants to hear the truth.

I know that I know.

I empower others to wake up to their inner instincts.

I can think and speak “on my feet”.

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