24 – 61 Channel of Awareness

Sort of spiritual

If thinking was a sport, you’d get a gold medal🥇 !

You have an incredibly active mind and are always pursuing more knowledge, wanting to know the unknowable.

Your mind often thinks that it needs to “think” its way to new knowledge, but you receive much of your knowing through spontaneous transmission.

It’s like you have the capacity to tune into a radio station of information that the rest of us can’t hear. You download big chunks of knowing or understanding and then can break them into clearer concepts that the rest of us might understand.

Your awareness and out-of-box thinking inspires the rest of us.

Silence and music can be helpful tools to calm your mind. And calming your mind is something to try.

The thinking happens and the knowing comes.

But the thinking doesn’t cause the knowing to come, so learn to give your mind a rest and the space it needs to receive the knowing.

You can be quite the detective, returning to the same thoughts over and over trying to find the missing piece that makes it make sense. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on the past. Take the lessons and move forward.

The thinking here is mutative, meaning it’s new and different. Not everyone will be ready and willing to hear what you have to share. This is a projected channel (even if you’re not a projector) so the energy here is often best heard when it’s invited.

24 – 61 Affirmations

I am designed to inspire others with my unique, out-of-box thinking.

I receive inspiration through spontaneous knowing.

I can translate big knowing into clearer concepts.

I can observe my mind without getting caught up in it.

I can fill in the gaps and find missing pieces that others don’t see.

I allow myself to enjoy the pursuit of knowledge without pressure to know everything.

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