27 – 50 Channel of Preservation

Sort of spiritual

The ultimate caring energy in our design.

This channels cares deeply about its people and has the responsibility of making sure the values of the group are passed onto the next generation.

You instinctively know which values need to be passed on so we can grow and thrive. You understand that when we are well fed, supported and nurtured we have the best chance to cognitively develop and create better futures for our family and community.

This is an aura busting energy meaning when people are around you, they’re more likely to obey the unspoken rules and values of the group.

This energy cares a lot and wants to do everything to help everyone, but you NEED to have boundaries in a few areas.

1 – Learn to care for others from your overflow. Set an example of taking care of yourself well so that you are teaching others to also take care of themselves. Care from your overflow.

2 – Learn that you do not have to do everything for everyone. Do you need to do everything for a baby? Yes, of course. The baby can’t take care of itself. But when it comes to humans that are capable, you need to show them you trust in their ability as capable humans to take care of themselves.

This energy can be overbearing and codependent when your boundaries aren’t in check.

This quote sums up this channel quite well:

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

This energy can also be full of guilt. The gate 50 has a fear of failing its responsibilities which often makes you feel so guilty all the time for potentially letting anyone down, ever.

If that feels familiar, it’s another sign to work on your boundaries. The whole world isn’t your responsibility.

27 – 50 Affirmations

I am designed to nurture and teach values to the next generation.

I am driven to care for others.

I help to redefine and update the values of the group.

I intuitively know how to keep us safe.

I know that when we are properly nourished, we have the best chance to develop.

I care for others from my overflow, not at my expense.

I trust that others are capable to take care of themselves.

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