30 – 41 Channel of Recognition

Sort of spiritual

You are the dream-maker ✨

I call this channel the Disney World channel. You have the energy to bring your fantasies to life. Not everyone will understand them or believe it’s possible for you.

Some will laugh and tell you to stop day-dreaming. But you just might create the most magical place on earth if you allow yourself to really dream.

41 is the initiator here – it’s full of fantasies, dreams and creativity and the energy to get things started.

30 is the fire, passion and desire to keep the fantasy going. In Chetan Parkyn’s book he calls this the gate of “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” because you are here to have all of the experiences life has to offer 🤩.

30 is an intense energy that ramps up the entire intensity of your chart.

You’ve probably been told at some point that you’re too much. Too emotional. Too intense. Or maybe you’ve sensed this and learned to shrink your energy over time.

Please don’t.

Your burning passion and desire are gifts for you and all of us. You’re here to move us, create new experiences for humanity and show us what’s possible when we dare to dream 🔥

This is an emotional channel which means waiting for clarity before you dive into anything is a good idea.

And this emotional wave can crash hard when it’s expectations aren’t met.

Learn the art of non-attachment. The more you can release expectations to more stable and happier you will be.

You might feel like others will try and steal your dreams.

Trust that when you follow your S&A, there will be more than enough for you and things will unfold with right timing.

There is more than enough for you.

30 – 41 Affirmations

I am here to fulfill my fantasies.

I bring my daydreams into reality.

I am fulfilled through the process of creation, not completion.

The more I release expectations, the more I enjoy bringing my dreams to life.

My intensity and passion are gifts.

I stir emotions in others.

I wait and trust in right timing to bring my creations to reality.

I am here to have all the life experiences I desire.

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