35 – 36 Channel of Transitoriness

Sort of spiritual

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

This quote is basically written about this channel, you’re designed to be a generalist, not a specialist per se – but you’re also an incredibly capable human and are generally good at anything you try to master.

36 is what I call the rabbit hole gate because it is ready and willing to jump into any new rabbit hole that catches its interests, potentially causing chaos and crisis along the way if it doesn’t give itself the time to properly wait out it’s emotional wave.

35 is the capable one. It’s like it has already lived so many lifetimes, it can do anything and it can also be just a tad jaded, but in a way that can balance the 36 well, because it wants the new experience to really be worth while before it just dives in.

This channel is part of the experiential way so it’s all about creating human experiences (aka living life to the fullest) and sharing its wide array of experiences with the collective.

You’re insatiable. You’re curious. Knowledge seeking. Potentially thrill seeking.

There’s no end to your appetite for life, but there’s also no end to our universe so you’ll never run out of right experiences for you when you’re in alignment.

Given that this channel is a collective emotional wave, the more you can learn that everything is temporary and to release expectations, your emotional wave will crash less often and less severely.

Be mindful that you’re not diving into any new opportunities creating chaos as a way of avoiding something. This channel is designed to move towards life, not away from it.

35 – 36 Affirmations

I am an incredibly capable person.

I’m here to expand the potential of what we collectively experience as humans.

I enjoy a good challenge.

I know that everything is temporary and can release expectations.

I’m designed to enjoy and fulfill my deep curiosity and insatiability.

I live life to the fullest.

I take my time when making decisions before I jump into something new.

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