20 – 34 Channel of Charisma

Sort of spiritual

The most powerful channel in Human Design!

And we all have a touch of this energy right (check out my reel on why every baby being born is an MG right now for more details on this!)

This is the only Manifesting Generated Channel in HD.

This channel connects Gate 34 (power) in the Sacral to Gate 20 (Now) in the Throat. Meaning you have the MOST powerful and only sustainable motor & energy centre (the Sacral) directly connected to the centre for manifestation and expression.

You are POWERFUL, got that?

But you might not feel that way.


When you have all of this powerful energy but don’t understand how to use it (wait to respond) it can fry your circuitry and burn you out.

Gate 34 also LOVES to be busy. So sometimes you just get reaaallly busy doing anything that doesn’t actually excite you, light you up or regenerate your energy.

Remember with the Sacral centre – you’re either responding & doing something you love which regenerates your energy or you’re using your energy for things you don’t love and it’s DE-generating your energy… or draining you.

So you may have lost control of some of your power or let others use too much of it (because people will want to get their hands on a slice of your power!)

But, not to worry. You can also be powerful at taking the reins back for your life, healing and directing your power towards what you love.

Ok, let’s get to the Charisma piece. Another way of looking at this is the power (34) of now (20). So learn to connect with your Sacral and be in the now. You have a gift for bringing people together towards a common goal… but you don’t need to try and do this, you only need to learn to follow your Sacral response.

If you’re feeling iffy about the sacral response, check out the Sort of Spiritual podcast episodes on the Generator type (I know you’re an MG but those episodes won’t be out until later in December) and you can learn a lot about the Sacral response in the Gen episodes… just make sure you come back and check out the MG ones to learn about your specific type.

20 – 34 Affirmations

I am powerful.

I am charismatic.

I trust my Sacral response.

I am designed to move fast.

I am inspiring.

I am driven.

I am mindful where I spend my time, I choose not to be busy just to be busy.

I use my energy for what I love. I take care of my energy.

I know that my process can involve trial & error and don’t need to finish everything I start.

I have a gift for bringing people together towards a common goal.

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