Gate 61 in Human Design

Sort of spiritual

Gate 61
Gate 61: Mystery

You LOVE to think.⁠

You’re here to be fascinated by the mysteries of our universe, and spend a lot of time wondering and asking, “Why?”⁠

You’re here to go beyond the usual limits of knowledge and are often drawn to concealed and seemingly magical things.⁠

Your thinking goes beyond knowledge, you have direct access to knowing.⁠

You know things and you don’t know how you know them.⁠

Call it intuition, call it access to universal intelligence… whatever you want to name it, you know things.⁠

Which is tricky – because others want to know HOW you know, and often don’t trust your knowing, which can cause you to doubt yourself.⁠

You spend a lot of time in your busy mind, and can drive yourself a bit mad with the pressure of wanting all your questions answered.⁠

Sometimes you feel way up in the clouds and your ideas don’t seem grounded to you (or others). Like you’re full of ideas and knowledge but you’re not sure how to do anything with them.⁠

Giving yourself time in silence, or listening to music can help to calm your mind down when it needs some rest.⁠

You’re designed to be connected to the joy and wonder in the universe, when you are, its secrets will be revealed to you.⁠

You’re here to empower us to see the world through your curious and mystical perspective.⁠

Gate 61 Themes

I’Ching Name: Inner Truth

Zodiac: Capricorn

Circuit: Individual [this energy is meant to first empower you, so you can then empower others]

Channel: 24-61 Channel of Awareness

Gate 61 Themes

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